The Gate Keepers

Game Session 18

February 10, 2012

The Gate Keepers move forward through the tomb of Dejin, encountering a small band of men that Dajani has left behind. Lia recognizes one of them as the bounty that brought her to Fostern, the others are obviously twisted cultists, and the circumstance is soon brought to battle. See Here.

The party makes their way past their foes into the tomb of Dejin, where they meet the ghost of the archmage trickster, and exchange questions and answers with him concerning the elders, their plans, and the witch Dajani. They learn that the Elders are a group of ancient witches and wizards who seek God-like power under the god of secrets, Vecna. They hope to accomplish this by using the power they can take from the gates to syphon the power from each plane. Primal, Shadow, Arcane, Divine, and even Psionic power could hypothetically be syphoned off, which could destroy the worlds as the Gate Keepers know it. See Here.

After their conversation Dejin sends the Gate Keepers through the same portal he sent Dajani, to the Temple of Dyrge. The party engages her in battle, and defeats her swiftly, before she can pass through the portal she’s opened into the prison of Karavakos. Relieved at their success the Gate Keepers return to Fostern, and Tyrile writes a letter to a friend. See Here.



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