The Gate Keepers

Game Session 10

October 2011

The party heads to the Jade Tower seeking assistance and meet with Valthrun, a clerk by the name of Darav, and a mage by the name of Ignatius. They attempt to explain what they found in the well, and the battle they fought, and the creatures they encountered. Encouraged by Valthrun and a new knowledge of the creatures they resolve to delve once more into the well – this time with help. See Here

The party returns to the well and there encounters the creatures again. This time they are more organized, and eventually defeat the terrifying thought scourges. See Here

After defeating the creatures the party decides to explore further into the caverns, trying to decipher some kind of meaning to the constructed tunnels. Further in they discover hordes of zombies, that seem to be animated by some dark power. See Here

The party defeats the horde, and further in finds the wizard they assume is behind the construction of this complex, a wizard of the Jade Tower, who seems to be in league with a council of evil mages. See Here

The mage sees that his allies are destroyed, and after seeing that the battle will only result in his destruction he flees from the heroes – presumably to the Jade Tower. See Here



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