The Gate Keepers

Game Session 11

October 23, 2011

The party makes their way to the Jade Tower where their investigation leads them to the Headmistress of the Jade Tower Academy. She leads the adventurers to the basement where they discover the remnants of a teleportation circle which she offers to open for them. The player’s decide to descend into the unknown. See Here.

The adventurers find themselves in the midst of a large complex, with doors on either side of them and constructs at the end of the hall. Curiosity leads them to open a nearby door where they are attacked by Kobolds that have been altered by profane means. See Here.

After their encounter with the profane Kobolds the party discusses how to handle this arcane experimentation that they seem to have stumbled into. They decide to try and rescue the experiments if they can, and decide to move forward to find the mage Barthus. They bluff their way past the animated constructs, and come into a room that been’s turned into a campsite, where they encounter an old woman who gives them what information they barter for. See Here.

After the party realizes the headmistress Agera has betrayed them, the old woman realizes that her betrayal has been conveyed to Agera due to the calling stone she slipped the party. She attacks the characters, and her allies join her in the fight. See Here.

The party defeats the monster hunters and they fortify the room to take an extended rest. Afterwards they move out into the halls and discuss the things they’ve learned concerning Agera and her master Karavakos. They come to a door where they hear the voices of mages attempting to enslave and control a monster fish. See Here.



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