The Gate Keepers

Game Session 13

The party finds Agera in the experimentation room of an Adamantine Dragon who negotiates with the party and discusses the fate of the headmistress with them, eventually agreeing to turn her over to them. See Here.

Before the party can escape the dungeon they are tracked by a party of guards seeking to avenge Alara under the orders of her sister, someone named Dajani. See Here.

After the battle the party wakes up the real Agera and ascends through a hole carved by the dragon in the ceiling of the dungeon. They surface near the Lost Unicorn, in the wake of what looks like a massive battle. Guards lay slain among the wall. Agera, Ignatius, and Midas go to the Jade Tower, while Aldis and the rest investigate things around the Lost Unicorn, and are attacked by wandering creatures. See Here.



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