The Gate Keepers

Game Session 14

Aldis and the others go to the Jade Tower to rejoin Midas, Ignatius, and Agera. Death has evidently visited the tower, but Midas, Ignatius, and Agera are okay. They make their way to the Guard Palisade in Fostern and take up refuge there. They meet with the Captain of the Guard and the Palisade is challenged by a few of the cultists that have taken over the town. The party goes out to meet them in force. See Here.

After the battle the party questions a survivor for information. He reveals that Dajani’s plan is to use the souls that she’s been gathering to break open the prison containing an ancient evil wizard – Karavakos. The prison is difficult to find however, as it moves from plane to plane, so her plans are not going as well as the cultists hoped. The party decides to sneak in and confront her. See Here.



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