The Gate Keepers

Game Session 16

Midas makes it back to the gates of the guard’s fortress and falls into a supernatural sleep where he receives a vision of the fate of his comrades. Cian finds himself in the halls of the Raven Queen before being sent back as her Hound of Hell. Aldis found himself before the throne of Pelor, welcomed as a beloved servant. Tyrile too found himself before Pelor, and was sent back to finish his half of their bargain for the souls of Tyrile and his family. Splug recovered from his wounds, but awoke in captivity, bound and helpless. Ignatius awoke in death, but was pulled back by an unknown force. See Here.

When Midas awoke he was summoned to a council of Fostern’s leaders who were attempting to decide what to do next. He was joined by Lia, an elf bounty hunter, and Frakk, a body guard of Charles Hurst. The council argued for a little while, but then decided that more information on the enemy’s plans were needed, and agreed that Midas should pursue his fallen comrades. During the council Cian was reunited with Midas but trapped in the form of a wolf. See Here.

The heroes made their way to the town square again, and ambushed the cultists standing guard over the town hall where they were holding the mayor’s daughter captive for an escape plan. The heroes slew the guards quickly and released the girl, taking her back to the Palisade where she would be safe. They found the bodies of their fallen, but the equipment and been removed – taken to the Mayor’s Manor. See Here.

They take a cultist captive and return to the Palisade before pursuing their fallen comrades. From the cultist they learn that Tyrile’s armor (which now contains the spirit of Tyrile), is in the Mayor’s Manor, and that the goblin Splug has been taken to the cemetery for ritual sacrifice. They crash the Mayor’s Manor and are reunited with Tyrile. See Here.



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