The Gate Keepers

Game Session 17

January 27, 2012

The party takes a short rest in the mayor’s manor before setting back out for the cemetery. They manage to creep up the Eastern Hill and break into the cemetery through a large mausoleum so as to take the cultists by surprise. They spring forward and battle ensues – with Barthus joining the fray and ultimately being slain by the heroes. See Here.

After the battle the party releases Splug and he comes with them back to the Palisade where Tyrile places him in Lexi’s care so that he can pursue his dream of becoming a missionary for Pelor. Meanwhile the group discusses where to go from here, and what to call themselves now that they’ve formed a fairly solid adventuring group. After some brief discussion, they decide on the name “The Gate Keepers.” See Here.

The group then decides to catch up on the interrogation of the Cultist that they captured earlier. Daugstrom, Parthas, and Agera offer up what information they’ve learned. It seems Dajani has gone to the feywild to secure the key to Karavakos’ prison from the tomb of its maker – an Archmage Trickster by the name of Dejin. The group decides to follow after and make their way to the tomb in the feywild. See Here.

In the marshes they find the entrance to the tomb and make their way through, encountering traps, puzzles, and even undead servants. It seems that the trickster was quite ready for intruders. See Here.



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