The Gate Keepers

Game Session 19

February 24, 2012

The Gate Keepers return to Fostern, and after a night’s rest relay the information to the town council, who begin work to rebuild after the decimation that Dajani and her cultists left on the town. The party decides to take up the Mayor’s old residence as their headquarters until a new HQ can be established. See Here.

In their new headquarters the Gate Keepers argue and eventually decide to pursue the founding of a Knightly Order in order to pursue the protection of the gates across the world. Their hopes are pinned on Frakk’s taking up his noble title, and being recognized by the court of the King of Amstern. See Here.

The Gate Keepers move out to the Coleman Estate to speak to Lord Regg Coleman who has obviously taken the papers of Frakk’s birth from the local temple. They arrive and are accepted into an audience with him. Tensions quickly rise between Frakk and Regg and culminate in a challenge to a battle of champions. Regg agrees to fight until first blood, but betrays his promise and attacks Frakk after he has been disqualified, disgracing his honor. He is killed in the ensuing battle, at Frakk becomes the new Lord Coleman See Here.



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