The Gate Keepers

Game Session 9

September 23, 2011

The characters return from from the keep and rest, using the morning to divide loot and gather items that they’ve been thinking about getting they meet back up at the Lost Unicorn at noon. Charles suggests opening an adventuring company, Aldis suggests looking for more of the portals they were told would start opening. See here.

After lunch the characters decide to travel to the temple, to see what they can discover about portals to the other realms. They run into the High Priest who tells them what has been going on, Inspector Lestrange is inside investigating a murder. The party meets Tyrile’s daughter – Lexi – and they begin to investigate the murder while looking for more information on the portals. See here.

After Valthrun leaves Inspector Lestrange decides to arrest one of the Halfling traders in town. The party follows the annoying Inspector Lestrange to the Trading House, where they leave Inspector Lestrange tied up side down and in a tree. Lexi asks her father’s help in solving the mystery, and the party (Tyrile and Cian specifically) agree to do what they can. See here.

The party then moves to the old Palisade, where they investigate the scene where Ennis was spending so much time. They find a gem sliver among the ashen ruins, and a well. Investigating the well leads Cian to realize that the water immediately visible is illusory, and plunging below it reveals a cavern filled with water and a maze like complex raised up out of the water – filled with terrifying creatures. See Here.

The party escapes the well and they decide to travel to the Jade Tower to seek assistance…



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