The Gate Keepers

Game Session 17
January 27, 2012

The party takes a short rest in the mayor’s manor before setting back out for the cemetery. They manage to creep up the Eastern Hill and break into the cemetery through a large mausoleum so as to take the cultists by surprise. They spring forward and battle ensues – with Barthus joining the fray and ultimately being slain by the heroes. See Here.

After the battle the party releases Splug and he comes with them back to the Palisade where Tyrile places him in Lexi’s care so that he can pursue his dream of becoming a missionary for Pelor. Meanwhile the group discusses where to go from here, and what to call themselves now that they’ve formed a fairly solid adventuring group. After some brief discussion, they decide on the name “The Gate Keepers.” See Here.

The group then decides to catch up on the interrogation of the Cultist that they captured earlier. Daugstrom, Parthas, and Agera offer up what information they’ve learned. It seems Dajani has gone to the feywild to secure the key to Karavakos’ prison from the tomb of its maker – an Archmage Trickster by the name of Dejin. The group decides to follow after and make their way to the tomb in the feywild. See Here.

In the marshes they find the entrance to the tomb and make their way through, encountering traps, puzzles, and even undead servants. It seems that the trickster was quite ready for intruders. See Here.

Game Session 16

Midas makes it back to the gates of the guard’s fortress and falls into a supernatural sleep where he receives a vision of the fate of his comrades. Cian finds himself in the halls of the Raven Queen before being sent back as her Hound of Hell. Aldis found himself before the throne of Pelor, welcomed as a beloved servant. Tyrile too found himself before Pelor, and was sent back to finish his half of their bargain for the souls of Tyrile and his family. Splug recovered from his wounds, but awoke in captivity, bound and helpless. Ignatius awoke in death, but was pulled back by an unknown force. See Here.

When Midas awoke he was summoned to a council of Fostern’s leaders who were attempting to decide what to do next. He was joined by Lia, an elf bounty hunter, and Frakk, a body guard of Charles Hurst. The council argued for a little while, but then decided that more information on the enemy’s plans were needed, and agreed that Midas should pursue his fallen comrades. During the council Cian was reunited with Midas but trapped in the form of a wolf. See Here.

The heroes made their way to the town square again, and ambushed the cultists standing guard over the town hall where they were holding the mayor’s daughter captive for an escape plan. The heroes slew the guards quickly and released the girl, taking her back to the Palisade where she would be safe. They found the bodies of their fallen, but the equipment and been removed – taken to the Mayor’s Manor. See Here.

They take a cultist captive and return to the Palisade before pursuing their fallen comrades. From the cultist they learn that Tyrile’s armor (which now contains the spirit of Tyrile), is in the Mayor’s Manor, and that the goblin Splug has been taken to the cemetery for ritual sacrifice. They crash the Mayor’s Manor and are reunited with Tyrile. See Here.

Game Session 15

The party arrives in the town square and has a showdown with the guards and creatures that Dajani has left in the town square before confronting Dajani herself. She overpowers the weakened heroes, and Aldis, Tyrile, Cian, Splug, and Ignatius are struck down. Midas alone escapes, and comes back to the Guard’s Palisade for safety. See Here.

Game Session 14

Aldis and the others go to the Jade Tower to rejoin Midas, Ignatius, and Agera. Death has evidently visited the tower, but Midas, Ignatius, and Agera are okay. They make their way to the Guard Palisade in Fostern and take up refuge there. They meet with the Captain of the Guard and the Palisade is challenged by a few of the cultists that have taken over the town. The party goes out to meet them in force. See Here.

After the battle the party questions a survivor for information. He reveals that Dajani’s plan is to use the souls that she’s been gathering to break open the prison containing an ancient evil wizard – Karavakos. The prison is difficult to find however, as it moves from plane to plane, so her plans are not going as well as the cultists hoped. The party decides to sneak in and confront her. See Here.

Game Session 13

The party finds Agera in the experimentation room of an Adamantine Dragon who negotiates with the party and discusses the fate of the headmistress with them, eventually agreeing to turn her over to them. See Here.

Before the party can escape the dungeon they are tracked by a party of guards seeking to avenge Alara under the orders of her sister, someone named Dajani. See Here.

After the battle the party wakes up the real Agera and ascends through a hole carved by the dragon in the ceiling of the dungeon. They surface near the Lost Unicorn, in the wake of what looks like a massive battle. Guards lay slain among the wall. Agera, Ignatius, and Midas go to the Jade Tower, while Aldis and the rest investigate things around the Lost Unicorn, and are attacked by wandering creatures. See Here.

Game Session 12

After defeating the mages the party agrees to help the Aboleth to escape the dungeon in which he’s been placed. They question one of the defeated mages who reveals that the headmistress is an imposter who is only pretending to be Agera the headmistress of the Jade Tower. The party attempts to lead the Aboleth to safety, and encounters guards in the hall. See Here.

After the encounter the party discovers a hidden passage in the wall, and the Aboleth takes his leave at the entrance to the room containing the underwater passage to the underdark. The party makes their way to the place where Agera (Alara) is hiding and waiting for them. They take up arms against her, and are nearly beaten back, but emerge victorious in the end. Then they decide that they must move quickly to rescue the real Agera, and leave to do so. See Here.

Game Session 11
October 23, 2011

The party makes their way to the Jade Tower where their investigation leads them to the Headmistress of the Jade Tower Academy. She leads the adventurers to the basement where they discover the remnants of a teleportation circle which she offers to open for them. The player’s decide to descend into the unknown. See Here.

The adventurers find themselves in the midst of a large complex, with doors on either side of them and constructs at the end of the hall. Curiosity leads them to open a nearby door where they are attacked by Kobolds that have been altered by profane means. See Here.

After their encounter with the profane Kobolds the party discusses how to handle this arcane experimentation that they seem to have stumbled into. They decide to try and rescue the experiments if they can, and decide to move forward to find the mage Barthus. They bluff their way past the animated constructs, and come into a room that been’s turned into a campsite, where they encounter an old woman who gives them what information they barter for. See Here.

After the party realizes the headmistress Agera has betrayed them, the old woman realizes that her betrayal has been conveyed to Agera due to the calling stone she slipped the party. She attacks the characters, and her allies join her in the fight. See Here.

The party defeats the monster hunters and they fortify the room to take an extended rest. Afterwards they move out into the halls and discuss the things they’ve learned concerning Agera and her master Karavakos. They come to a door where they hear the voices of mages attempting to enslave and control a monster fish. See Here.

Game Session 10
October 2011

The party heads to the Jade Tower seeking assistance and meet with Valthrun, a clerk by the name of Darav, and a mage by the name of Ignatius. They attempt to explain what they found in the well, and the battle they fought, and the creatures they encountered. Encouraged by Valthrun and a new knowledge of the creatures they resolve to delve once more into the well – this time with help. See Here

The party returns to the well and there encounters the creatures again. This time they are more organized, and eventually defeat the terrifying thought scourges. See Here

After defeating the creatures the party decides to explore further into the caverns, trying to decipher some kind of meaning to the constructed tunnels. Further in they discover hordes of zombies, that seem to be animated by some dark power. See Here

The party defeats the horde, and further in finds the wizard they assume is behind the construction of this complex, a wizard of the Jade Tower, who seems to be in league with a council of evil mages. See Here

The mage sees that his allies are destroyed, and after seeing that the battle will only result in his destruction he flees from the heroes – presumably to the Jade Tower. See Here

Game Session 9
September 23, 2011

The characters return from from the keep and rest, using the morning to divide loot and gather items that they’ve been thinking about getting they meet back up at the Lost Unicorn at noon. Charles suggests opening an adventuring company, Aldis suggests looking for more of the portals they were told would start opening. See here.

After lunch the characters decide to travel to the temple, to see what they can discover about portals to the other realms. They run into the High Priest who tells them what has been going on, Inspector Lestrange is inside investigating a murder. The party meets Tyrile’s daughter – Lexi – and they begin to investigate the murder while looking for more information on the portals. See here.

After Valthrun leaves Inspector Lestrange decides to arrest one of the Halfling traders in town. The party follows the annoying Inspector Lestrange to the Trading House, where they leave Inspector Lestrange tied up side down and in a tree. Lexi asks her father’s help in solving the mystery, and the party (Tyrile and Cian specifically) agree to do what they can. See here.

The party then moves to the old Palisade, where they investigate the scene where Ennis was spending so much time. They find a gem sliver among the ashen ruins, and a well. Investigating the well leads Cian to realize that the water immediately visible is illusory, and plunging below it reveals a cavern filled with water and a maze like complex raised up out of the water – filled with terrifying creatures. See Here.

The party escapes the well and they decide to travel to the Jade Tower to seek assistance…

Game Session 8
September 9, 2011

The party descends to face the leader of the cult of the demon prince, Kalarel, and battle ensues. See Here.


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