The Gate Keepers

Game Session 9
September 23, 2011

The characters return from from the keep and rest, using the morning to divide loot and gather items that they’ve been thinking about getting they meet back up at the Lost Unicorn at noon. Charles suggests opening an adventuring company, Aldis suggests looking for more of the portals they were told would start opening. See here.

After lunch the characters decide to travel to the temple, to see what they can discover about portals to the other realms. They run into the High Priest who tells them what has been going on, Inspector Lestrange is inside investigating a murder. The party meets Tyrile’s daughter – Lexi – and they begin to investigate the murder while looking for more information on the portals. See here.

After Valthrun leaves Inspector Lestrange decides to arrest one of the Halfling traders in town. The party follows the annoying Inspector Lestrange to the Trading House, where they leave Inspector Lestrange tied up side down and in a tree. Lexi asks her father’s help in solving the mystery, and the party (Tyrile and Cian specifically) agree to do what they can. See here.

The party then moves to the old Palisade, where they investigate the scene where Ennis was spending so much time. They find a gem sliver among the ashen ruins, and a well. Investigating the well leads Cian to realize that the water immediately visible is illusory, and plunging below it reveals a cavern filled with water and a maze like complex raised up out of the water – filled with terrifying creatures. See Here.

The party escapes the well and they decide to travel to the Jade Tower to seek assistance…

Game Session 8
September 9, 2011

The party descends to face the leader of the cult of the demon prince, Kalarel, and battle ensues. See Here.

Game Session 7
July 29, 2011

The party ventures into the room of statues, and fights their way through the clever arcane statue traps that have been placed for intruders. See Here.

After making their way through the statues the group finds themselves stumbled into a room filled with the undead servants of Kalarel. See Here.

Discovering a small tunnel off to the west Cian ventures through to discover a gnome fighter who has recently defected from Kalarel’s employ. He informs the party of Kalarel’s plans to unleash an undead army of the Demon Prince upon the world. After a brief conversation, he decides to aid the group in their battle to stop Kalarel and the Demon Prince. See Here.

The party pours into the Shadow Cathedral and attempt to sneak to the South, they’re spotted, and a heavy battle ensues. The party emerges victorious after a long and difficult battle, though one of the cultists a shadowy halfling manages to escape to Kalarel’s Sanctum – waiting for them below. See Here.

Game Session 6
July 22, 2011

The group decides that they’ve had enough of trying to push through the excavated tunnels, and return their attention to getting to Kalarel. They open the doors and head down towards the lower levels. There they encounter traps, and zombies, which they fight they’re way through. See Here.

At the entrance to the Krypts Aldis and the others decide not to disturb the dead, and so they head North, into more zombies, and a hidden chamber. See Here.

Once the group fights off the zombies they’re rejoined by a gleeful Splug who has come to repay a debt to The Warchief. He explains that he might be able to help his masters get through relatively unscathed by the dangers of the keep’s second level. See Here.

When the group reaches the lower level they’re encountered by Guards, they manage to diplomatically bluff their way through the Hobgoblin Guards. See Here

The group comes to a fork in the road, and takes the path to the west, where they encounter two more undead corpses and find a trunk full of old junk. Returning to the fork, they take a short breather and peek through the next door – a room full of statues. See here.

Game Session 5

Leaving the quarters of the Goblin leader – Balgron the fat – the party stumbles upon a large hall being excavated by a team of goblins.

At first the goblins scream for the intruders, and the two sides prepare for battle, but Aldis intimidates the goblins into surrender, alerting them that their reinforcements have been exterminated. After a brief conversation, the party agrees to allow the Goblins to flee the keep, after they give them information on the whereabouts of the rest of the goblin party. See Here

The party then makes its way to the only room of the keep still held by the goblins – the torture chamber. They burst in, and a battle ensues. See Here.

The battle ends with only one combatant left, who surrenders and is placed in a prison cage by Aldis. The party also finds another goblin, who had been imprisoned by his fellow tribesmen. Splug. See Here.

The party decides to release Splug, and the other goblin they’ve captured, after Splug tells them the way to the lower levels. The party then heads back to the excavated hall, and turns south, into the other excavated tunnels, where soon they find cavernous creatures to deal with. See Here.

After defeating the rats and the ochre Jelly the party comes across a door labeled “Keep Out. Seriously.” Cian decides to enter it, and just as he makes it across a pool of water blue tentacles of slime reach out of the water and pummel the island where he stands, just missing him. He and the others make a hasty retreat, adding to the message of the door. See Here.

Session 4 Recap


The group gets together at the Inn for breakfast, and asks a few of the locals about local ruins and keeps, hoping to find news of Kalarel. Valthrun a local mage tells them what they need to know about an old keep, and the group decides to go there.

Upon getting there the group enters a dungeon under the ruins. They encounter goblins, and after fighting their way through a few rooms they find the goblin leader, and remove him from the equation.

Total Recall:

At the Lost Unicorn Inn:

The adventurers gather together for breakfast after a night of refreshing sleep after bringing Charles Hurst back from the excavation of the dragon’s grave.

Aldis: So, where should we start?

Tyrile: I hate sitting.
We could ask around town of any nearby keeps.
Perhaps any in disrepair.

Aldis: Ruins make for good headquarters if you’re desperate.

Salvana: You folks need anything to eat?

Cian: Ham and eggs?

Salvana: Comin’ up.

Tyrile: I’d like some cheese and bread. If possible.

Salvana: We can do that.

Aldis: I’ll take some bread as well, and some water.

Salvana: Sure thing.

Tyrile shifts restlessly in his chair his eyes darting around the room.

Midas: I’ll have some eggs… and ale.

Salvana: Coming right up for ya there.

Tyrile walks over towards the chubby mage sitting a few tables away.

Tyrile: Sorry to be rude, do you have a moment?

Valthrun: Mmm… nom nom nom.
This cat is delicious.

Tyrile: Any chance you know of any local forts or whatnot? Either ones known to be used by andits etcetera or current owners absent?
Cat can be delicious but it’s too stringy for my taste.

Valthrun: Well there are a few ruins around the town, an old gravesite to the south, an old ruined watchtower and keep not too far out of town, and an old palisade just on the other side of town.

Tyrile: Thanks friend, that’ll be a huge help. If you finish eating before me come over to me and I’ll cover yer food bill. Please don’t decide steak is good breakfast food.

Salvana brings over the food that the table ordered.

Salvana: Here’s your food.

Tyrile regurgitates the information from the mage to the group.

Salvana hands each person their food.

Midas: Thank you.

Valthrun comes over to the table.
A group of adventurers I see?

Tyrile: I consider myself more of a military advisor and bodyguard, but yes.

Charles Hurst: Adventurers indeed! Now Tyrile here says you have information!

Valthrun: Well that depends on what you want to know. You were asking about fortresses in the area? Planning a raid are we?

Cian: Just interested in retrieving some stolen property.

Tyrile: You Charles are an adventurer of life, that’s for certain.

Midas lifts his plate and pours his food into his mouth.

Valthrun: Stolen? What was stolen?

Tyrile: Cian, remind me later to ask for your definition of ownership.

Valthrun: Well, I can’t help you if I don’t know what it is you’re looking for… so what is it exactly that you’d like to know?

Tyrile: Goat sex?

Valthrun: Well it works like this.
First the male goat initiates coutius by…

Tyrile begins to laugh.

Valthrun: Oh… were you being serious?

Midas: ummmmm

Charles Hurst: cough enough of that!

Cian: I’m eating here!

Midas: Still eating? Here let me help you.

Cian: I can handle it myself, thank you.

Charles Hurst: We’re looking for information on a local keep that may or may not be occupied by a gang of bandits and thieves.

Valthrun: Well there I can help you.
There are three main ruins around the town. An old graveyard that some say is haunted, but none would go there for fear of a dragon that is said to have been buried near there. Another would be the old Pallisade, but that’s burned down inside the town, so thieves would hardly find that a suitable lair.
And there’s the old Keep up in the mountain pass, that used to be used as an old fortress. Nothing there now but rubble though.

Tyrile starts eating his cheese but stuff the bread into his pack for later.

Cian: The old keep sounds worth a gander.

Aldis: We’ve already been to the gravesite.

Tyrile: Lovely, a place we’ve been, a place we can easily see, and a place that we can head to. At least it’s simple.

Valthrun: The Keep was built during the height of an older empire. Some sort of watchtower. I can’t recall exactly what for. Some thing it was to guard against Gnoll marauders, but I don’t think that’s right. Whatever, the keep outlived its usefulness. It’s been a ruin since before I was born. Probably a goblin lair by this time. But you’ve whetted my curiosity. When I return to the Jade Academy Tower I’ll look through my library. See what I can find for it.

Tyrile: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Valthrun: Anything else I can help you with?

Tyrile: What’s good on the menu? Specifically something I can take with me on the road?

Valthrun: I recommend the salted goat.

Tyrile: Great… I’ll order that.

Bleu: So we head to the keep?

Aldis: Fair enough Valthrun, before you go, let us show you this runestone. We found half of it near the gravesite.

Tyrile: Sure, we can grab some last minute supplies, I can get my meal and cover the bill, and we can be on our way. Also Val, exactly how far north?
Days, hours, or weeks?

Valthrun: Hours, just about two if you keep a leisurely pace.

Tyrile attempts to get the attention of the waitress.

Valthrun: A runic stone? Let me see it.

Hal the bar tender comes over: You need something?

Aldis shows Valthrun the stone.

Valthrun takes the stone and turns it over in his hand: Interesting.

Tyrile: May I get some salted goat, wrapped in paper if possible, and how much will I owe for my meal, and my new friend here’s?

Aldis: Unfortunately none of us are of the scholarly or arcane bend, so we cannot readily decipher its meaning or purpose.

Valthrun: It seems to be a tile piece, probably a covering of a chest or something like that, but it feels… odd. It may have some latent arcane energy. It’s weak, but maybe… may I take this to my study?

Aldis: Um…

Aldis looks for a consensus from party.

Hal: 2 Silver pieces each, and yeah, I’ll get you some o’ that goat Jerky.

Cian shakes his head slightly at Aldis.

Tyrile gives a slight, almost absent shake of the head.

Tyrile hands a gold piece to Hal

Hal bobbles his head.

Tyrile: Keep the change for the trouble.

Hal: Will do thanks.

Valthrun: Well if you’d rather me not, that’s fine. What I can tell you is that it has some energies. What for, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a focus of some kind, or some other ritual component? I wouldn’t know what kind of ritual though. Perhaps a teleportation circle of some kind? Those commonly use runes.

Midas: It’s a kind gesture, but we’ve gone through a bit of trouble to get this, I think we’ll hold onto it, at least till we get the other part.

Valthrun: Other part?
Ah yes, I can see there’s a ragged edge here.
I’m a mage, not a stone smith.

Aldis: When we find the other piece, we will definitely be back.
Where can we find you?

Valthrun: I’m usually at the Jade Academy. It’s the green tower to the South East of town, just ask around for me and they can usually find me. If I’m not there, I’m probably here, or at home.
Anything else I can do to help?

Tyrile: I’ll be sure to visit I we need any assistance, and I’ll bring a meal if it’s at the Academy.

Valthrun hands the runic piece back to Aldis.

Valthrun: Fine, fine. Thanks for picking up the tab.

Aldis: Thanks Valthrun.

Tyrile: Thanks for the assistance.

Valthrun: You’re welcome. Well, I’ll be off then. Time I got back to work.

Valthrun leaves, and the group engages in idle chatter around the table for a few moments.

Charles Hurst: I want that pitcher. That one.
I’m pointing right at it!

Tyrile hands Charles the pitcher.

Charles: Thank you.

The group soon leaves for the old Keep. They enter the ruins and find an entrance to a stair case that leads down into the earth. They take it, and move forward slowly, fearing an ambush. They are spotted by Goblin guards, and a fight breaks out.

Goblin Warrior: What the? Who dares invade our lair?

The group defends themselves against the goblins, and one of them begins to flee, the group pursues across a rat pit.

Tyrile: I vote we go the way the goblin was running.
Rather surprise them then them hit us.
You do that, I’m gonna go rub some dirt in the cut.
Tyrile tosses a tiny piece of bread to the rats below.
Tyrile: I wish I was a ranger.
I would tame these.
And they would feast on the flesh of the goblins.
Then they would make me their king.
And all would be right in the world.
The Black Drake shall conquer the world with his Rat Swarm army.

They slay the remaining goblin archer and move forward stealthily to another door, where they stumble upon a group of goblins playing some sort of gambling card game. Cian bursts in on them, and initiates combat. Other Goblins enter the room to see what the noise is about. The group fights there way through a mass of goblins and finally chases down the leader – Balgron the Fat to an empty room. There they discover a secret door, and beyond it a small passage where Balgron is hiding.

Balgron: What do you want?

Aldis: We’re looking for Kalarel, Szartharrax, or Granin.

Balgron: Kalarel Granin? What do you want with him?

Aldis: He’s a thief, and we’re looking for what he’s taken.

Balgron the fat laughs

Balgron: He’s more than a thief, and if you’re looking for him, you’ll find him down several levels of the keep. If you can make it there alive.

Aldis: I suggest you run. We’ve killed Szartharrax, Irontooth, and more than half of your clan. You don’t want me to send you to the Raven Queen’s clutches, now do you?

Aldis successfully intimidates Balgron.

Balgron: Oh, I have no intention of fighting you. I’m just hired muscle. Money only buys so much. If you let me go from here, I’ll give you what I have. There’s a chest there in my room. Here, I’ll give you the key if you let me go my way.

The group agrees and Balgron tosses them the key.

Aldis: Then clear out, don’t count on our mercy next time.

Balgron: Okay. Okay. Good luck.

Balgron leaves and the party takes a short break.

End of Game Session 4.

Session Three Recap

The Heroes take to market just before returning to bed, and they get a good night’s sleep. When they awake in the morning they find the Lost Unicorn populated by some of the better-off townsfolk who have come in for breakfast. They themselves sit down and order breakfast from the Waitress Salvana.

Charles Hurst however is not there to greet them, asking Salvana about it she points them in the direction of a man named Elian. While they are discussing this matter they are approached by a man who calls himself Bleu, a monk of some tradition who is looking for Charles – having received the same letter from him but arriving a day late.

Tyrile alerts the sleepy guards to the matter of the dragon being nearby in fear that there might be others, and speaks with the mayor about it. Cian approaches the bartender to find Elian, and discover the location of Charles.

It is revealed that after speaking with Elian Charles set out in search of an old Dragon Grave. The group decides to go in search for him, and Bleu decides to tag along. The group finds the grave site with Elian drawing them directions, and arrive just in time to overhear some chatter from what looks like an excavation team.

A glimmering projection of a man greets them, and alerts the team to their presence. The Gnome, Agrid by name, attempts to convince them that he is a friend of Charles, and that Charles went back to town yesterday. Aldis sees through his bluff, and while the two of them go back and forth the glimmering projection becomes impatient, barking orders to attack.

A fight ensues in which the group is eventually victorious. Recovering half of a rune plate that the excavation team had uncovered. With some of the team badly injured they retire to the Lost Unicorn, and decide to set out anew in the morning.

Session Two Recap

The group – Midas, Aldis, Tyrile, and Cian enter the next chamber to be subjected to a boulder trap sprung by the Kobold chief or leader and his waiting guards who engage them in a fierce fight. Eventually the group overcomes them, and takes a key from the chieftain which unlocks the way into the next chamber.

The group descends into a winding hall where the man-made tomb gives way to natural caverns, the air becoming colder than the rest so that their breath hangs visibly in the air. They make their way to an open chamber with a patch of ice in the middle, covering a water-filled pit. They explore the cavern until they come face to face with the one who has been leading the Kobolds and encouraging their more organized behavior – a white Dragon by the name of Szarthaxx.

Aldis dialogues with him in an attempt to convince him to return the stolen goods, but the young and reckless dragon failed to be convinced, and launched an attack against them to defend his treasures. The fighting was brutal, but Midas held the beast in place and Aldis provided them with the strength they needed to overcome Szarthaxx at long last.

When the battle was over the group remained, and took from his treasure a sword, a suit of armor, some gold, and a letter which Aldis explains to the group thanks Szarthaxx for some slaves, and a runic piece, and is signed by Irontooth.

Tyrile skins Szarthaxx in order to make a gift for his daughter, Lexi, and the group decides to return with the goods to the Lost Unicorn, get a night’s rest, and see Charles about returning the stolen items.

Session One Recap

The heroes are called out and invited by letter to join Charles Hurst at the Lost Unicorn in Fostern for an adventuring opportunity.

“Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you all well. As you may know I have a heart for adventure, well, I think I may have found one. If you would, please meet me in Fostern on the first, at the pub called the Lost Unicorn, I’ll tell you everything there.

Hope to see you soon, Charles W. Hurst"

When all were assembled: Fayye, Aldis, Aydenn, Midas, Tyrile, Cian, and Charles, e explains that an associate of his was insuring a caravan that was struck by a gang of Kobolds, and came to Charles for help, he thought he’d offer the job to them, and offers them a reward of 1,000 gp an item to split between those who work to recover the items. Midas, Aldis, Tyrile, and Cian take the job, Fayye and Aydenn decline.

The four travel to the road where the caravan was attacked and finds a destroyed wagon just off the road where they follow a small path to a cavernous opening. They descend into an old tomb being occupied by the Kobold gang.

Upon their entrance to the lair they are attacked by Kobold guards, who had been put on watch in the first chamber. After defeating the Kobolds the group is blocked by a portcullis they can’t manage to break down. Cian uses his armor to teleport just past it, and flips the switch to open the gate. The group then descends further into the tomb.

In the next two chambers the group encounters more Kobolds, each group being more fortified against them. They battle there way through, stopping for a moment to catch their breath after defeating the Kobolds who attempted to engage them in a deadly game of Skull-Skull.

Hurst gets lost...

Lost Unicorn

“You know Charles? I don’t really know what happened to him. He had questions about the old burial site Southwest of the village. He thought a dragon might be buried there! I told him it was probably just an old trash heap, but he wouldn’t hear of it, no sir! Well, of course I gave him directions to the place. I am something of a historian of the area, you know! Oh yes, Charles. Well he took my directions, and we haven’t seen him since. I do hope he found his way alright!”

scribbles notes on a piece of paper Just take a left out of the gates, follow the wall down till you reach that SouthWest corner, then go about a mile Southwest, and it’ll be near a stone that looks like a face. Of course if Charles started digging it might look a bit like a pit now, but you’ll know it when you see it! Yes sir!

Mayor Padraig:
A dragon hm? We don’t see many of those this far in from the wild lands. Though there was once a tale about one that fought a hero not too far from here. That was a story when I was a boy. But yes, I’ll have the guard look into it, and see if any of our contacts in the farm land have spotted any dragons. Thank you kindly sir.


Is that it?

Looks like it. We better get it back to the keep with the other one.

Here, I’ll take it. I’m sure the real Kalarel will want it as soon as he can get it.

You four, clean up this site, get your stuff packed, we’re heading back to the keep.

Kalarel Grannin’s Spectre:
Oh enough with all this. Agrid, get the second half of the rune to the keep. You rabble, attack!

Aldis has received initiative.
Aldis: Jigs
Aldis: Aldis lowers his staff to the ground. ((End Turn))
Midas: Is that some sort of Prayer Jig?
Tyrile Valison: “Its called the secret seizure of pelor shuffle.”

Tyrile Valison walks over to the dead dragon remains. “May whoever died fighting you find eternal glory in the next life.”

harles Hurst:
Yeah. I was fighting with the Goblin when the Gnome snuck up behind me, they overpowered me, and next thing I knew it was dark and I was tied up. Then I heard fighting, and shortly after you uncovered the hole they threw me in. Rotten bleeders.

Charles, what were you thinking coming out here by yourself?
Tyrile Valison:
“On a brighter note, it seems we’ve stumbled across a plot! Yay for adventure, ey Charles? Someone smarter then me fill him in on the details.”

Charles Hurst:
I didn’t think there’d be anyone out here. I wasn’t expecting a whole excavation team.

Aldis: Or undead? It’s a gravesight!
Tyrile Valison: “Or gnomish assassins?”
Tyrile Valison: “Because well…gnomes are sneaky.”

Charles Hurst:
I just heard about this site where a dragon might be buried, and decided to see if I could find anything. If it was a site for adventure I would have returned and come back with you to back me up

Aldis: They’re a little less common
Tyrile Valison: “Thats what they want you to think.”

Charles Hurst:
I had a pretty long talk about it with the town historian, he didn’t seem to think there was much chance there was anything out here, so I didn’t give it to much credence

Charles Hurst:
So, shall we set out in search of the other runic piece in the morning?


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