Battle at the Gates

Steve: Darav, no!

Aldis: Darav, Valthrun, no!
Midas Ward: Yeah, it was like this when we got here

Aldis: crap

Tyrile: “It looks like they were killed where they sat.”

Aldis: rolls a 20 for a total of 35 on his heal check.

Mage3: ’’ takes 109 damage.

Cian: Rolls a 3 for a total of 15 on his perception check.

Conditional: Inquisitives kit adds +2 when searching for something specific.
James: There’s a hole in the back of Valthrun that reaches through to his heart.

Aldis: ew

Midas: your awake, good, how do you feel

Aldis: stabbed in the back, an ignoble death for Valthrun…

Agera: “I feel very weak, but I’ll survive.”

Midas: yeah, well you’ve been through a lot.

  • Aldis lays valthrun down, closes his eyes, gives him last rites.". Try /help for a list of commands.

Aldis: rolls a 6 for a total of 14 on his religion check.

Agera: “What force could wipe out a tower of mages such as the Jade Tower?”

Aldis: One from within likely, they were trusting your impersonator
James: Darav has the same wound, but his is in the front of his chest, clearly visible, as is the look of surprise on his face.

Agera: “Yes. A very powerful foe indeed.”

Ignatius: rolls 36 on his Arcana check.
James: Ignatius can tell that the souls have been drained out of them, similar to that Paladin that was found murdered in the Temple.

Ignatius: They have had their souls taken out of them

Aldis: #$^&#$^%

Aldis: We need to find this assassin and free these souls

Agera: “We should check the rest of the tower, see if there are any surivors.”

Midas: Isn’t that what happened to the paladin?

Midas: Back at the temple

Aldis: yeah, let’s go
Cian: We should search the tower now, they may still be here.
Tyrile has connected.

  • Aldis peaks through door

Mage: “Who goes there?”

Aldis: “Not assassins”

Aldis: rolls a 8 for a total of 19 on his diplomacy check.

Mage: “Clearly, or I wouldn’t have heard you.”

Mage: “Who goes there?”
Tyrile: “Well, he’s smart enough to be a mage.”

Aldis: “Well, yes, but we’re not here to kill you.. Aldis Kirimvore, Priest of Pelor.”

Aldis: rolls a 12 for a total of 23 on his diplomacy check.

Mage: “Very well. I’m coming out.”

Tyrile: “Aww, I thought we were all gonna introduce ourselves with our honorifics.”

Mage: “You still can. I wasn’t aware there were so many.”

Aldis: "Yes, well, we’re trying to organize the town

Aldis: s defense, such as it is."

Midas: were you attacked?

Mage: “Yes. The tower was in seige. I escaped thanks to a certain cloak of mine, but not before I was wounded.”

Aldis: We’ve rescued the real Agera from the impostor’s clutch… the imposter’s sister is running assassins and monsters through the town.

Aldis: “Let me heal you”

Aldis: Strength flows out from Aldis to Mage, rekindling their resolve to see the battle to its end…

((Minor Action)), Close burst 5.
Effect: Aldis or one Ally in the burst can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 11 hit points
… and gains a +2 to all defenses until the start of Aldis’s next turn
… and gains a +5 to all defenses against the next attack before the start of Aldis’s next turn
then Aldis and all Allies in the burst gain 4 temporary hit points
Special: Aldis can use this power twice per encounter.

Aldis: Uses a healing surge.
’’ Remaining Hit Points: 45
Cian: Who was sieging the tower?

Mage: ’’

Mage: “The ‘sister’ of the imposter, and a few creatures that seemed to be at her command.”

Mage: “She seems to be obsessed with the gathering of souls, and with clearing out Agera’s study.”

Aldis: What would they need these souls for?

  • Aldis looks at Agera, Ignatious, and Mage

Ignatius: Agera do you know what they might be after in your study?
Cian: Was there specific research being done in the study?

Mage: “My best quess would be either as food for some powerful creature, or to power a very dark ritual of some kind.”

Aldis: likely another portal… we must stop them

Agera: “My captors mentioned seeking out the lost prison of Karavakos. If they were researching it, they would have been using my study as a headquarters of sorts if they were impersonating me.”

Aldis: true, could you disable any wards and get us in there?
Cian: We should keep moving.

Mage: “If it is a portal ritual of some kind I cannot imagine what demi-plane or powerful creature they would be hoping to let through. One soul is powerful enough, but to collect all the souls of the entire town… well… that would be enough to rip something permanent into the fabric of the planes.”

Agera: “I could certainly try.”

Tyrile: “So real end of the world type stuff, lets stop that…like…now.”

Cian: Agreed.

Agera 1: “This… was my study, I… they seem to have taken everything.”

Aldis: well then

Ignatius: Where could they have gone?

Cian: Usually renters don’t bother cleaning everything…

Agera 1: “Well, if they left, I imagine the center of the town. But if they had managed to locate the lost prison of Karavakos, they may have gone there. Or, if they are still attempting to gather souls, it is likely that the last stand out will be the new Palisade.”

Aldis: ok, then let’s head there.

Agera 1: “Sinestra, the mage you met downstairs, and I will try to fortify the Jade Tower against further attack.”

Cian: Then we should go to the pallisade.

Aldis: Just make sure there aren’t assassins lurking in the walls somewhere

Agera 1: “I will. Once this was a school – a place of peace and learning, now it will be a fortress of war.”

Agera 1: Maniacal Laugh…

Midas: Okay so what now? warn them that they are going to be attacked by people who want their souls to summon their dark god?

Aldis: I think they get that

Cian: Yes, they have survived so far.

Lady Secretary: “Excuse me. Your presence is requested by the Captain of the Guard.”
Tyrile: “Gladly.”

Aldis: Thank you

Lady Secretary: “Through here.”

Aldis: Captain, we came as quickly as we could

Dwarf Captain: “So, you are the party of adventurers that took care of that cult recently, right? The one that took on a pet Goblin?”

Aldis: Ah, yes.

Tyrile: “Companion, not pet.”

  • Aldis Aldis smiles at Tyrile

Cian: He’s right here…

Splug: rolls 18 on his stealth check.

Splug: rolls 31 on their thievery check.

Dwarf Captain: “Right. Well, what can you tell me about these shadowy assassins that have suddenly sprung up in town?”

Aldis: Well, it’s a long story

Aldis: the head of the cult we killed had a wife

Aldis: she impersonated Agera, mistress of the Jade Tower

Aldis: Who has a macabre zoo of maddened creatures

Aldis: we killed the impersonator, Alora

Aldis: but her sister, Drajani, is running around killing everyone

Aldis: Stealing their souls, to free a dark god

Dwarf Captain: “Well then.”

Dwarf Captain: “So there’s no negotiation that can go on then?”

Cian: I highly doubt it.

Dwarf Captain: “No chance we can convince them to leave?”

Cian: If they did, they would likely start again in anohter town.

Tyrile: “Not likely unless you wish to spend eternity in servitude to a dark god. Which I personally dont suggest.”

Dwarf Captain: “You’ve been out in the town? How many have been killed?”

Cian: Everyone we’ve seen, except one mage at the Jade Tower.

Dwarf Captain: “Kordamnit.”

Tyrile: “And a guard.”

Dwarf Captain: “Well then. There’s not much left to protect, is there?”

Cian: How many people are here?

Dwarf Captain: “Ten Guards. Four Workers, and four survivors.”

Tyrile: “Has Lexi been here yet? She was with us when we left. I am worried though since we went different dirrections earlier.”

  • Aldis sits with his head in his hands

Dwarf Captain: “The High Priest and a Paladin made it here earlier today to let us know what was happening. The High Inquisitor and that Apprentice of Lestrange’s made it here just before you did.”

Tyrile: “Good, less worry on my heart, the death of all the innocents is enough. I dont think I would be in a good frame of mind for tactics if something happened to her.”

Cian: At least some were able to make it here.

Dwarf Captain: “I’m going to suggest that all of us flee the town and head to one of the other border towns for safety. You adventurers are free to join us if you’d like.”

Aldis: I don’t know

Aldis: I don’t like the idea of leaving these assassins to their spoils

Tyrile: “In all honesty…staying here may be safer. If there goal is to collect souls, and theyve already moved on, this may sadly be a safer place.”

Dwarf Captain: “Either way it’s my duty to get word to my commander in the Guard, so the rest of Amstern can be safe from this menace.”

Cian: We need to go after them and end this.

  • Tyrile turns to Cian.

Tyrile: “I’d lvoe to, any way of tracking them?”

Aldis: Agreed. Captain, do you know if there was any pattern to their attacks? Any pint of origin?

Dwarf Captain: “Hm. I’ll give you two hours. Go after them and end it if you like. If I don’t hear from you in two hours, we’ll all be fleeing with what we can carry to the next town.”

Cian: Two hours gentlemen, we should begin the hunt.

Aldis: Agreed

Dwarf Captain: “From what I’ve been able to piece together they took out the outer walls first, the Lost Unicorn, The Trading House, the Jade Tower, and they’ve been working their way inward. The Inquisition House, the Mayor’s Mansion, and even here. They come back every few minutes or so and attempt to break the gates, but we’ve got warding magic against any arcane entry to this fort.”

Aldis: We can wait to surprise them during the next attack

  • Tyrile extends a hand to the captain. “Thank you sir. Stay safe and alert”

Cian: Or head to the center of town if that is where they are headed.

Tyrile: Be big targets that they cant resist enough to strike?"

Cian: I’m not sure I like that description of us…

Cian: How about hunters in wait for their prey?

Tyrile: “Sure, if that helps you sleep, either way, our job is the same, stop or slow them down enough so that others can live.”

Cian: Here or the center of town then?

Aldis: start here, then go to center of town

Tyrile: Agreed

Midas: Sounds like a plan

Midas: Ill be happy when we can wash our hands of these people stealing souls and dark gods

Cian: Agreed.

Battle at the Gates

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