Conversation With a Ghost

Dejin’s Ghost: “Welcome to the tomb of the great and powerful Dejin! Unfortunately Dejin is dead right now, but if you’d like to leave a message please do so after the chirp.”

Tyrile: “Hello.”

Cian: Ahem… yes, this message is for Dajani, if she is over please tell her that her time is almost up.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Did you enjoy the tomb? I tried to make it as entertaining as possible.”

Cian: It was quite entertaining, the most fun I’ve had in quite a while.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Dajani? Oh yes. She was here not long ago, after the key to the (deepen’s voice) PRISON OF KARAVAKOS!”

Frakk: Did she get it?

Tyrile: “Yes. I did. However, if possible, can we push the niceties to the side for a moment?”

Dejin’s Ghost: “First. Before I answer your questions. I have three.”

Lia: Please tell me the key is a lie.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Why are you here?”

Tyrile: “To save the world.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Oh, good answer.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Boring, but acceptable.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Why did you ask about Dajani?”

Lia: He’s been a bit dull ever since he lost his body

Dejin’s Ghost: “Me too.”

Lia: Because Dajani is trying to free Karavakos

Tyrile: “The longer version is quite long, but I promise when our quest is over, If I still dont have a body, I will gladly come here and tell you all about it for eternity.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “So you are trying to aid Dajani then?”

Cian: And Dajani must die.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Ah, it appears not.”

Lia: no, we are trying to kill the bitch

Frakk: now, our questions?

Dejin’s Ghost: “Oh good, that sounds like a lot more fun.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Sure, go ahead.”

Frakk: did Dajani get the key?

Cian: It’s all tit for tat. She killed me, I kill her.

  • Lia whispers to cian. I think you mean tit for tit.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Heh. Answer me this. Let’s say that you are a powerful arcane mage. And let’s say that you build a prison for another powerful arcane mage. A prison that is not meant to be opened, for a prisoner who is not meant to be freed. Why would you need a key?”

Lia: oh thank God

Frakk: The key would be a flaw in teh cage, not a true key

Lia: I was hoping you were smarter than that.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Heh. Yes, the key is a lie.”

Lia: Well seems we can breathe a bit easier but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is stopped.

Lia: Is there any possible way that prison could be opened?

Lia: any flaw?

Cian: Yes or no, we don’t wnat to know of a flaw if there is one.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Anyone who touches the prison will be transported inside of it.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “The only way to open the prsion, is from the inside, by killing Karavakos – it is… connected, to his life force.”

Lia: Is there a way they could cut off his life force by storing it in something, deactivating the prison and then free him from that later?

Dejin’s Ghost: “No. Every last part of him would have to be destroyed.”

Tyrile: “So could someone go in there, and talk to him, gain his knowledge, and because hes so wrathful and spiteful he does, and then allow himself to be killed.”

Lia: And that’s why you’re the leader

Dejin’s Ghost: “I suppose so. But Karavakos is obsessed with immortality. He would never surrender to suicide.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Besides that, anyone in the prison would have to deal with the other prisoners as well.”

Lia: so it would have to be somebody powerful enough to slay him, but if they were powerful enough to slay him, they probably don’t need to learn much from him in the first place so where is the motivation?

Frakk: Good point

Dejin’s Ghost: “Karavakos had much knowledge that simply does not exist anymore.”

Lia: One more thing. They keep mentioning the elders being behind this. What motivation might they have?

Dejin’s Ghost: “Oh yes. Vecna and his crew of arcane meddlers.”

Lia: And could the gods themselves destroy the prison?

Dejin’s Ghost: “As far as I know, Vecna wishes to achieve ultimate power. Not just the power that comes with godhood, but power over all things in reality, even the gods, consume all knowledge, you know, Vecna-esque things.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “I think his flunkies think that if they help him, he will in turn help them achieve godhood.”

Lia: I see, so what you are saying, is that we don’t need to worry about Karavokos being freed because it is impossible?

Frakk: that’s like giving an otyugh a hug

Dejin’s Ghost: “I doubt it. If a god were to attempt anything against the prison it would remove itself to another plane.”

Tyrile: “Better to reign in hell then to serve in the heavens, and all that.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Karavakos being freed. Dajani only wants to know the location of the Prime Gate.”

Frakk: ah

Lia: why?

Dejin’s Ghost: “How familiar are you with inter-planar theory?”

Lia: uh

Frakk: what?

Lia: not so much?

Dejin’s Ghost: “I’ll simplify.”

Lia: but we do know people that are, we could give them the information

Tyrile: “Um. Its like a planey-wayney ball of yarn?”

Dejin’s Ghost: "There are multiple planes of reality. Realms if you will. Each one has power that brims through it. Astral sea – divine power, Elemental chaos – arcane power, feywild, shadowfell, and the prime – the natural world.

Dejin’s Ghost: There’s also the far plane and the dream realm, but they’re a bit different."

Lia: and the gates link them?

Dejin’s Ghost: “Originally, each of these realms was completely seperate from each other. Until back during the war of the gods and the primordials, a gate called The Life Gate was destroyed, and the planes intermingled, overlapped – just ever so slightly.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Originally, each of these realms was completely seperate from each other. Until back during the war of the gods and the primordials, a gate called The Life Gate was destroyed, and the planes intermingled, overlapped – just ever so slightly.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “It is also linked with the other gates, so that if one were to activate it, you could activate the others as well. Or if you were to destroy it, you would rob anyone in the planes of the primal power that it supplies.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “But I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Each gate has a key – which is extremely well protected by the gods, and a cornerstone and each of those were hidden centuries ago by a group of adventurers – myself being one of them.”

Lia: I see, what would the point then, of activating all these gates?

Dejin’s Ghost: “The elders plan to destroy these gates completely – which they can’t really do without having the keys and cornerstones – in order to strip power from those that would oppose them, including the gods. While they maintain their own power source of… some kind. Dajani was unclear on that.”

Lia: oh

Lia: Well at least it seems we won’t have to fight the elders tomorrow.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Hypothetically I suppose you could activate the gate, drain it of it’s power in some kind of… receptacle, I can’t imagine what, and then destroy it.”

Frakk: Dajani already has soul stealing energy powers

Dejin’s Ghost: “Oh I doubt it. Though they might have noticed you interfering in their plans by now they’re far more likely to send one of their hoards at you, then actually stoop to do anything to you themselves.”

Lia: Still, I don’t like the idea that the Elders are interested in doing this. Being immortal, they have a long time to work toward this goal. Even if they only find one cornerstone or whatever every thousand years, they could still do this eventually.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Yes. Soul gems and the like. I suppose if you found a way to… well, if you found a way to alter that magic somehow, it could work.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “So you’re calling yourself the Sentinals? Interesting.”

Frakk: So, how can we stop Dajani?

Lia: Yes, if there are immortals devoted to opening these gates, we need to stop them, but as mortals we cannot stop them forever, but we can create an order devoted to it.

Lia: Kill her frakk, that’s the first step, kill Dajani, then we can figure everything else out.

Frakk: well, duh. we need to find her though. Spirit, do you know where she went?

Dejin’s Ghost: “Stop her from entering the prison I suppose? Of if she goes in, making sure to kill her so she doesn’t come out.”

Frakk: how would we get out?

Dejin’s Ghost: “I can send you where I sent her.”

Frakk: why you send her in?

Dejin’s Ghost: “I sent her to the Temple of Dyrge. A place on the Prime Plane not far from a nearby feycrossing.”

Tyrile: “I’m willing to enter the prison if one of us needs to. But it makes no sense for us all to do it.”

Lia: wait, if she becomes imprisoned, isn’t that the end of her schemes? She can’t get back out.

Dejin’s Ghost: “I would suggest that if you do enter it, you enter it together. The prisoners roam free within the prison. To enter alone would be suicide.”

Frakk: well, she has no key to free Karavakos, so she’s onto plan B – take his knowledge

Dejin’s Ghost: “She can get out if she kills Karavakos. And if he gives her the information she needs, she has no more motivation to keep him alive.”

Frakk: she’ll still likely summon the prison to herself

Frakk: how would we go out? kill Karavakos too?

Tyrile: “So, kill Dajani the kill Kavarkos.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “Yes. It’s the only way out of the prison.”

Tyrile: “That’s a tallllll order.”

Cian: Perhaps.

Cian: But what choice do we have?

Lia: Right… right. But why would he share his knowledge with her if she plans to kill him? He’s not the altruistic type, she would have to become powerful enough to kill him and survive the other prisoners and find a way to convince him to pass along his knowledge

Frakk: yeah. Can you send us back in time before you sent her to the temple? killing her before she gets to the prison would make this a lot easier

Frakk: you know, tricky fey-time stuff

Frakk: serve her right for slaughtering the village

Dejin’s Ghost: “I can’t alter time in my present state. Most of my powers are not present. I can send you where I sent her though, if you hurry I doubt she’d have time to summon the prison to herself just yet.”

Lia: Well, hang on a second

Tyrile: “Good, then lets stop her before she enters.”

Dejin’s Ghost: “And as for Karavakos sharing his knowledge, she’s not likely to make it known to him that she plans to kill him.”

Frakk: oh, ha the prisoner

Tyrile: “Before we go, any chance that treasure back there can aide us?”

Lia: He has to assume that if she acquires the means to defeat him, she will try, so she can re-enter the world.

Lia: maybe he’s too arrogant

Lia: doesn’t believe it possible.

Lia: I dunno, lets go kill her before she summons the tomb of doom.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Good luck.”
snaps his fingers.

Dejin’s Ghost: “Here, before you go. Take these.”

Frakk: BAMF-
hands out a level appropriate item of treasure to each character to be decided later by a tired DM.
snaps fingers again.
Frakk whispers: Horned Helm
a portal opens to the far off abandoned Temple of Dyrge.

Lia: Thank you Dejin, I may come back and visit you, I find I rather like you.
Dejin’s Ghost: “That would be most entertaining.”
Tyrile is disconnected.
Tyrile has connected.
Tyrile: “Well boys…you ready?”

Lia: I’m ready.

Frakk: Keep the inspiration flowing. I feel another poem coming on

Frakk: that, or gas

Tyrile: “Let’s move out.”

Conversation With a Ghost

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