Dialogue at the Jade Tower

Valthrun: “Here already?”

Valthrun: “What can I do for you?”

Aldis: “We’re ah…”

Aldis: “We were investigating the murder and ran across some Fell Taint Thought Scourges… a small family of them to be precise.”

Aldis: “Ah… we could use some magical help.”

Ignatius: I sat down on a bench

Valthrun: “You came across what? Where? I mean, I know what Fell Taints are, but… where did you see them, in that keep in the mountains?”

Ignatius: I’m just kind of bored, sitting there reading and absent mindedly doing tricks with prestidigitation, sparks and such

Aldis: “No… in the old pallisade… apparently there’s a secret dungeon underneath the well.”

Aldis: “And it’s filled with unspeakable horros”

  • Aldis (except I just spoke about it)
  • Ignatius I overhear what conversation has happened and get interested, start to wander over

Valthrun: “I… Wow. That’s, um… Did you see anyone who might have summoned them?”

Aldis: “No… we barely escaped with our lives”

Valthrun: “Fell Taints are creatures from the Far Plane, they must have been summoned here. I’ve heard of cults that worship some of the aberrant creatures, but nothing like this in Fostern.”

Valthrun: “Professor Barthus might know more, he’s our local… expert, on creatures.”

Ignatius: “Sounds fascinating. May I ask what sort of business has lead to to such a place?”

  • Ignatius addressing aldis

Valthrun: “Oh, forgive me, Ignatius, I’ve met these people at the Lost Unicorn several days ago. This is Aldis, and Midas, and Cian, Lexi, and… Splug? I think.”

  • Aldis turns to Ignatius

Valthrun: This is Ignatius, a fellow Mage."

Ignatius: “hello everybody, an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Aldis: Thanks

Midas: “Hello”

Ignatius: “I am, as Valthrun has said, Ignatius. Ignatius Pyrrhus Horatu III to be exact, but don’t worry about remembering all that.”

Aldis: So yes, we’re investigating a murder… and the place the victim hung out alot at was the pallisades

Aldis: finding nothing… we looked a bit harder and found the well was bottomless

Aldis: or, rather, had an illusion of water in it
Cian: We did find this crystal shard, perhaps there is something we can gleam from it?

Aldis: Ah, that is true

Ignatius: “Hm interesting, might I take a look at it?”

  • Cian hands it to Ignatius.

Ignatius: rolls 25 on his Arcana check.

Aldis: “/w” the player name, character name

Ignatius: “Hm, this seems to be a destroyed soul gem shard.”

Aldis: “ew?”

  • Aldis confused

Ignatius: “yes… ew would probably an accurate response”

Ignatius: “Soul Gem shards are used by dark wizard to contain the soul of his victim”

Aldis: ah

Midas: what like someones soul was in that thing?

Ignatius: “Quite repugnant”

Aldis: “we’re looking for the victim’s soul, aren’t we?”

Midas: That dark magic never sits well with me

Cian: Is there any way to find out who’s soul was in that thing?

Valthrun: w/ Ignatius you can tell that this particular shard does not contain any arcane energy (including someone’s soul), and if the gem is broken, it would have been emptied had it contained one

Ignatius: “this particular shard does not contain any arcane energy (including someone’s soul), and if the gem is broken, it would have been emptied had it contained one”

Cian: Hmm… so that leaves us with exploring the palisade further.

Aldis: “Great.”

  • Ignatius hands gem shard to cian

Cian: But those creatures were making that difficult.

Cian: Perhaps if we returned with more firepower?

Aldis: “Ignatius, you aren’t perhaps versed in the art of killing fell creatures, are you?”

  • Aldis looks suspiciously at Ignatius

Aldis: “How do you know all this?”

Ignatius: “ah! well if it is firepower you want my friends. I might be glad to lend you my assistance. Fire is my specialty as it happens.”

Aldis: rolls a 16 for a total of 28 on his Insight check.

Cian: Rolls a 8 for a total of 19 on his insight check.

Ignatius: “Well, as Eladrin we are taught the fundamentals of all schools of Magic, even forbidden filth such as this, that we might at least recognize and understand the world around us.”

Aldis: “I understand.”

Aldis: “I’m not about to go pointing fingers, but we’ll have to explain this to the Investigator at some point.”

Ignatius: “Necromancy is practiced by Eladrins but violating a person’s soul would be considered quite off limits.”

  • Aldis looks like he has religious “differences” with that statement

Aldis: “I see.”

Cian: I’m not sure I desire to explain anything to LeStrange, I don’t have that kind of time.

  • Aldis chuckles at Cian’s comment

Cian: No, we can handle this.

Cian: Hopefully that buffoon is still tied to a tree.

Cian: Lexi, anything to add? What are your thoughts?

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “I hope he’s still tied to the tree as well, though I may suffer for allowing you to put him there.”

Ignatius: I sense that this may be uncomfortable for somebody of your background but I assure you that we are very respectful of life and would never do anything to compromise that respect"

Cian: chuckles No, I meant about the soul shard and Mr. Ignatius here.

  • Ignatius the last was said with an understanding, if slightly condescending tone.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Ah. I have no real opinion. Necromancy is detestable, yes, but I understand the allure of forbidden knowledge. Still, I’d like to catch the murderer, and if Necromancy has led them to murder, then I will see Justice served.”

Aldis: Yes, let’s move forward.

Ignatius: “A very sensible approach. If I say so myself.”

Ignatius: “And to put you all at ease, Necromancy isn’t my thing. Fire is.”

  • Ignatius eyes glow a little.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Though I find it odd that a mage would use a knife, I had thought they were more familiar with spells, and… sticks, then with actual weapons.”

Ignatius: “Knife?”

Cian: A good point, perhaps another used the knife after it was prepared? Or more than one person was present?

Aldis: Yes… so there’s a paladin dead in the temple here. Killed with a knife that was used to steal his soul. I think you just identified the gem in the pommel of that knife.

Ignatius: rolls 32 on his Arcana check.

Cian: Either way I think we need to find more clues before we can put together hard facts.

Aldis: And equip ourselves to fight insubstantial monsters

Cian: Perhaps, with our current knowledge and the chance for proper preperation, going into the well a second time is in order?

  • Aldis shudders

Aldis: … sure

  • Ignatius looks positively excited at the prospect of getting in on the action.
    Splug has received initiative.

Aldis: Ignatius, if you’re not bound to this tower, we’d greatly appreciate the help.

  • Aldis turns to party

Valthrun: “Well… I’m not one for facing creatures so much as reading about them. Good luck on your ventures.”

Aldis: can we pay him?

Aldis: are we getting paid?

Valthrun: “If you need any research done, I’ll be here.”

  • Aldis turns back to ignatius

Aldis: we probably can’t pay you.

Valthrun: “I’m sure you might be able to convince the mayor to pay you something for your troubles if you can prove you cleared out the creatures.”

Aldis: (much)

Ignatius: I would be delighted to accompany you. This sounds like just the sort of fascinating thing to provide a diversion from my studies. I have been getting quite restless lately.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “And there would be a small thank you from the Inquisition for assisting us in the investigation.”

Ignatius: Oh, I have no need of money. I am, shall we say. Rather well set up.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “If Inquisitor Lestrange approves it… that is.”

Cian: That won’t happen, but it’ll be fine.

Cian: What do we need in order to make this delve successful?

Aldis: a small army?

Ignatius: “Me!”

Mage: “The name is Darav.”

Midas: Im Midas

Mage: “How may I be of assistance?”

Mage: “Why are you dancing?”
Splug: To the well!
Aldis: splug wait

Dialogue at the Jade Tower

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