Entering the Jade Tower Dungeon

  • Ignatius whispers “I think we might want to pursue the topic of interest in a delicate manner. I doubt we will get anywhere if we just accuse the Jade Tower of being complicit in the doings of an evil wizard.”

Valthrun: Hello again!

Valthrun: How did your excursion go?
Ignatius: It was very umh, enlightening.
Ignatius: We met this interesting fellow, well perhaps evil is is a better word. He made some rather interesting claims about his base of operations.

Valthrun: Good! I checked our records, Aldis, you inquired as to magic concerning inter planar gateways, we apparently had a codex of the Planes, written by Karavakos, which detailed a lot of information concerning them. It’s been checked out, but when it returns I’ll be sure to hail you.

Darav: “What did he have to say?”
Ignatius: Well, and this might be a bit awkward. But he may have implied that he was, in fact, working out of one of the sublevels of this very tower.

Aldis: yeah

Aldis: mind if we have a look?

  • Aldis looks at tyrildottir

Darav: “Sub levels? As far as I know the tower only has one basement level, and we use that to store food and drink.”

Aldis: Right

Aldis: An official investigation, Tyrildottir?
Cian: Perhaps we can take a closer look?
Ignatius: A tower as old as this might have some secrets even from its occupants don’t you think
Ignatius: ?

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “I assume of course that the Jade Tower will cooperate with our investigation as to the murder of one of our own Paladins.”
Ignatius: It’s a formality really!
Ignatius: We have to follow our leads… wherever they lead us, however unlikely.

Valthrun: “We’ll of course we’ll cooperate, but… well… Perhaps you’d better speak to the headmistress, she’ll know of any sub levels. Darav and I don’t have access to the basement. You’d have to talk to the quartermaster anyway, in the vault.”

Aldis: Fair enough, where is the Headmistress?

Valthrun: “She’d be upstairs as far as I know, probably in the library.”
Ignatius: “Thank you very much for your help in these matters. I feel the quicker we sort this all out, the better off everybody will be.”

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: Which level is the library?

Aldis: Oh, who checked out that book?

Darav: “Level three.”

Valthrun: “Barthus, a member of the faculty here.”
Ignatius: Oh yes perhaps they would let us borrow it, or would be willing to share the knowledge he’s garner from his own study of the manuscript."

Aldis: Where can we find Barthus?
Ignatius: this way everybody

Mage: “Hello, may I be of assistance?”
Ignatius: Might you know where the headmistress might be found?

Aldis: Official investigation, and also looking for Barthus if you know of him

Mage: “She’s upstairs, as far as I know, she left a few minutes ago to discuss some things with her sister.”
Ignatius: “Oh ok, do you think she would mind if we borrow a moment of her time?” If she’s busy we can go find Barthus and come back later.

Mage: “I don’t know, she didn’t mention not wanting to be disturbed. She’s usually pretty preocuppied and going from one thing to another.”
Ignatius: Hm, well thank you very much.

Mage: ‘If you want Barthus, I haven’t seen him, but you can try the Faculty lodgings downstairs."
Ignatius: well fellows, where to first? The headmistress or Barthus?

Archmage: “May I help you?”
Ignatius: Hello headmistress. We were wondering if we might have a moment of your time to discuss some business that effects the tower.

Archmage: “Certainly. Excuse my sister here, she has some business to attend to. How may I help you?”

  • Tiefling Woman leaves with a nod to the group in general.

Midas: Were looking for some kind of evil sorcerer person.
Ignatius: Thank you very much. I hope we aren’t interrupting anything too important.
Ignatius: We have been pursuing an investigation into the murder of the poor paladin fellow that was murdered recently.

Aldis: rolls a 1 for a total of 13 on his Insight check.

Archmage: “Yes, I heard that there was one killed over at the Temple.”
Ignatius: In the course of our investigation we came across a rather distasteful mage that seems to have something to do with it. We did battle with him but he ran away when he realized he could not win. In the conversation preceding the fight he mentioned that his headquarters was located beneath the Jade Tower.

Archmage: “But I don’t see how I can be of any assistance to you, I’m not on a first name basis with any Paladins.”

Archmage: “Beneath the Jade Tower? I know that we have a basement, but as far as I know the Quartermaster uses it to house things not worth keeping in the vualt.”

Cian: Rolls a 6 for a total of 17 on his insight check.

Aldis: could we get your permission to look around anyway?
Ignatius: I was thinking that perhaps the Tower itself has some secrets that might be lost to past ages. If we could have a look, we could at the very least put one of our leads to rest.

Archmage: “Certainly. I can take you to the basement.”
Ignatius: Excellent! We are very grateful for your accomodations

  • Aldis BAMF

Archmage: “There appears to be nothing stored here.”

Aldis: that is…. awkward
Ignatius: odd

  • Cian breaks out his tools.

Cian: Rolls a 13 for a total of 24 on his perception check.

Conditional: Inquisitives kit adds +2 when searching for something specific.

Midas: Rolls a 15 for a total of 23 on his perception check.

Ignatius: rolls 6 on his perception check.

Archmage: “I assure you, I’ll take this up with the Quartermaster. There appears to be a teleportation circle of sorts here, but I don’t know where it would lead.”

Ignatius: rolls 29 on his Arcana check.

Ignatius: Do you recognize the sigils?
James: The magic circle sequence is J – T – B – E – L

Ignatius: J-T-B-E-L is there any way to find out where this leads?

Archmage: “I could activate it for you, but… it’d be dangerous not knowing where it leads. Anything could come through, or if there are others on the otherside, you’d be discovered as soon as you walk through.”

Ignatius: Yeah that seems, not so ideal considering the circumstances.

Cian: Wouldn’t be the first time…

Archmage: “Do you want me to open it for you?”

Aldis: hrm

Ignatius: Hm, how long can you leave the gateway open?

Archmage: “It’d only stay open for sixty seconds. Enough to allow you to pass through.”

Archmage: “I can however give you this.”

  • Archmage offers Midas a small green stone.

Ignatius: rolls 18 on his Arcana check.

  • Ignatius looks intently at the stone.

Archmage: “If you press this into your palm and speak my name, you’ll be transported here, to the Jade Tower.”

Archmage: “You all just have to be touching whoever holds the stone.”

Ignatius: Oh, well I’m game if you guys are.

Cian: I’m ready.

Aldis: Sure, let’s do this.

Ignatius: Onward! Into the unkown!

Archmage: “Give me a few minutes to ready the portal.”

Ignatius: unknown*

Midas: alright, then ill go…Im not a big fan of traveling through some circle

Archmage: “There, it’s open.”

Entering the Jade Tower Dungeon

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