Equipment Log

Party Loot:

Party Fund

Adv Two + 200gp

Adventure Two


Gnome – Gold Locket(with runes), Half of a Runestone.
Irontooth – silver key, message scroll

Lost Unicorn

- Dragon Skin Armor – (given to hurst)
- +1 Lifedrinker Sword – (given to hurst)
-2000gp -(Bleu get’s half-share, 200gp 400 rest of us).

My spy in Fostern suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter, in a few more days I’ll compeletely open the rift. When I do Fostern will serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding. Bring the runes to the keep as soon as you have them. – KG

Adventure One (Kobold Hall)

Dragon Loot:

+1 Staff of the Warmage
20gp Pearl
small black stone
letter written in Draconic
“Szartharrax, Thank you for the slaves and the runic piece. I’m sure Granin will be pleased. If you need any of our assistance in the future you know where to find us. – Irontooth.”

Boulder Room:

Map of Lair!
Kobold Chieftain
Wizard’s Staff

Skull-Skull Loot:

50gp ruby
2x 25gp garnet

Altar of Tiamat:


Equipment Log

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