Fostern Council

Charles Hurst: “You’re awake! Good. There is much to be done.”

Midas: (grabs charles Hurst, by the sleeve) where is Cian
shakes his head.

Midas: I had the strangest, dream almost like a vision

Charles Hurst: “I do not know. He was slain, but our watchmen did not see what happened to his body.”

Charles Hurst: “Are you strong enough to stand? You have been summoned to the council. They wish to decide the fate of Fostern, and could use your input.”

Midas: I can go.

Midas: But, I must find a way to avenge my friends.

Midas: (Midas rises and puts his armor back on)

Midas: Lead the way

Guard: “Go away doggie!”

Charles Hurst: “Follow me.”

Wolf: “Rr, arf!”

  • Wolf paces back and forth in front of the doors.

Charles Hurst: “Frakk! Lia! With me! You’ve been summoned to council!”

  • Wolf scratches at the door.

Lia: "Oh goody! A council… they’re so… productive.

Frakk: “As you wish, Mr. Hurst, but I doubt I’ll be of much use.”

Charles Hurst: “Quick introductions for those of you who do not know each other. I am Charles Hurst, gentleman adventurer.”

  • Frakk stands menacingly behind Mr. Hurst
  • Lia looks curiously at Frakk
  • Wolf runs around the permimiter looking for a gap or a digging spot at the base of the wall.

Agera: “Agera – archmage of the Jade Tower.”

High Priest: “I am Parthas. High Priest of the Fostern Temple.”

  • Frakk looks at tiny elf lady next to him

Dwarf with a gavel hammer: “Daugstrom. High Inquisitor.”

Lia: “I am Lia, hunter of beings that other beings desire to be found.”

  • Frakk chough bounty hunter cough

Dwarf Captain: “Uther, Captain of the Guard.”

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Lexi Tyriledottir. Freshly made Inquisitor….and Orphan.”

  • Lia casts another sidelong glance at Frakk and smiles her most winning smile.

Midas: Midas Ward. Excuse me, but, Lady Tyrildottir, your father was a great man. Ifnot for him Cian and I would have died in that abysmal place too. He was one of the bravest people I have ever known, I wish it was I who died there and not him. If you ever have need of me I will do anything in honor of your father.

  • Lia sniff

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Thank you Midas.”

  • Inquisitor Tyrildottir keeps her face as straight as she can.

Dwarf Captain: “Alright. We’ve gathered to try and and decide what our next move as a town should be. Mayor Padraig was killed, so that leaves the group of us to decide what to do next. Lexi, Lia, Frakk, Midas, we’ve gathered you here for any insight you might be able to give us, and any work that we might ask of you.”

Dwarf Captain: “My first suggestion, is that we move our refugees to a more secure location.”

Lia: “More secure than a fort?”

Frakk: “Another fortified town or city”

Lia: Of course you risk exposing them to the enemy if you leave the safety of these walls.

Uther: “This isn’t meant to be a fortress, it’s a guard training ground. We don’t have the supplies to sustain a town full of people for a prolonged period of time.”

Lia: They would need to be heavily guarded in transit, taking resources away from defense here, weakening your position.

Frakk: “From the carnage, I expect there aren’t that many refugees anyway”

Uther: “The nearest safe haven would be the caverns of Eldren, but we don’t know if they’re safe, or if there’s a safe way to get there.”

Charles Hurst: “We don’t know if all of the refugees have made it here yet. We should search the town first.”

Charles Hurst: “And bury our dead.”

Parthas: “I could create a teleportation circle to get from here to there if we know that it’s safe.”

Lia: Well, I suppose I could scout the paths up that direction, range around a bit and see if there is any sign of the enemy.

Parthas: But I would like to see to the burial of our dead first."

Frakk: If I recall, the last team of highly skilled powerful warriors that ‘searched the town’ ended up dead.

Midas: You can move the refugees where ever you like, it wont be safe for long. We still need to deal with the sorceres who is about to unleash all hell…literally.

Daugstrom: “We could stay and fight. It would be prudent to stay and gather intel on the enemy first.”

Agera: “Our watchmen saw several people being taken alive. Perhaps it would be prudent to find those and rescue them.”

Uther: “All right. There is clearly much to be done. What we need to decide is what to do first, and then move on from there.”

Lia: It seems we need more information. It’s no use throwing more people at the problem when it’s obvious that your foes are powerful.

Frakk: The elf-woman speaks wisdom

  • Lia nods slightly

Daugstrom: “As far as I can see there are two ways to gather intel. Magic. Or beat it out of someone.”

Frakk: Do we have anyone to beat it out of?

Daugstrom: “Not on this side of the walls, but our guards have seen patrols going out periodically through the town.”

Frakk: Humanoid I presume? Not mad ravenous slathering abominations?

Daugstrom: “I don’t know. The guards suggested humanoid, but they didn’t exactly get a good look. They haven’t reported in within the last half hour, but it may be that they’ve seen a more recent patrol.”

Lia: What information do we need? Is there any we can gather through observation rather than the application of force? It’s much more efficient to have an idea of what you’re up against before engaging in combat. Do we know the approximate size of the patrols? The frequency? Are there reinforcements nearby that could come to their aid?

Uther: “approximately five people, never less than four, and the biggest one we’ve spotted so far has been seven. The frequency seems to be sporadic, but we don’t have eyes everywhere, only what can be seen from the walls – which isn’t everything. We don’t know what reinforcements they have, but the nearest town is a day and a half journey to the East.”

Agera: “unless traveling by magic.”

Lia: Right. Do they travel by horse or foot?

Parthas: “And they may be capable of conjuring creatures from other realms. As they seem to be able to control monstrous creatures not of this plane.”

Midas: (Looks impatiently around the room, a angry stern look comes across his face, as he sits listening)

Uther: “Foot, in so far as we’ve seen.”

Daugstrom: “We’d need to know more about what their plans are, what size their army is, and what their demands/intentions are. It may still be possible to reason with them.”

Frakk: …with the people who slaughtered this entire town?

Lia: Oh I think these people are the last you’d want to reason with.

Uther: “I don’t see surrender as an option. Bargaining with evil like this usually ends up with disaster.”

Uther: “This isn’t just a foreign army invading, this is… something else.”

Midas: Stands up. There is no reasoning with them. They want you dead, they want everyone dead, we can sit here all we want and talk about it, but while we do that she bitch is out there summoning her dark lord.

Lia: I… agree. Appeasment is not possible, it would never work. They are hell bent on their dark goals.

Daugstrom: “So what do you suggest? We arm the farmers and craftsmen that we have and storm after the enemy? If I recall that didn’t work too well the last time a group of adventurers tried it. I suggest we stick to more subtle tactics.”

Lia: You’re an idiot.

  • Frakk Frakk laughs

Lia: Nobody is suggestion we attempt to wage all out war.

Uther: “Daugstrom – that was uncalled for. Midas was not suggesting that we take up arms.”

Lia: We gather information, hold out here and in the mean time, look for opportunities to strike in ways that will cripple them.

Parthas: “It sounds like a plan to me. We gather informaiton. Now, how do we want to go about it?”

Lia: The best way for a smaller force to overcome a greater one is the way a predator picks his prey from the herd. Wait for the chance to isolate one or two people, capture them, get information.

Lia: That and observation.

Guard: “Forgive the intrusion sir. Two things to report: A wolf has been spotted along the outer wall, scratching and whining at the gates… which is unusual for a wolf. Second, another patrol has passed by, headed towards the Lost Unicorn Inn by the looks of things.”

Parthas: “Observation I could help with. Perhaps.”

Lia: A lone wolf? No signs of a pack about? That is very strange.

Parthas: “I have a few scrying rituals in my ritual book, but I was not able to bring the book with me when Tellyn and I fled from the temple.”

Agera: “You’d need something to act as a focus as well. Scrying rituals usually need specific focuses depending on what ritual you’re using. I know the Jade Tower would have any supplies we might need, but we’d need to get there and get it out of the vaults.”

Lia: Hm, we may have to rely on a more physical means of acquiring information. I’m experienced in scouting, I know what to look for, what weaknesses we can exploit, and I know how to capture people without killing them. Information is one of my specialties.

Guard: “Yes ma’am. A lone wolf. No pack that we’ve seen.”

Midas: Ill go. I’ll get what you need.

Uther: “Then our best bet is to get at one of those patrols.”

Lia: You all figure out what needs to happen. I’m curious about this wolf.

  • Lia giggle

Lia: Guard is it safe to open the gate?

Daugstrom: “Would you adventurers be willing to be our hands outside of the fort?”

Guard: “I’ll close it after you.”

Wolf: “Meow.”

Lia: rolls 14 on his nature check.

  • Frakk looks to Hurst

Lia: rolls 29 on his perception check.

  • Wolf sniffs the newcomer.
  • Lia pets wolf “hey there buddy, how’s it going?”

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: Test

Wolf: Grrrrr

Lia: rolls a 8 for a total of 14 on his Insight check.

Lia: you’re definitely not just a wolf are you?

  • Wolf gives one angry bark.

Lia: Hey, hey no need for hostility.

  • Lia speaking in soothing tones
  • Wolf turns up his nose at her.
  • Wolf sits and looks slighty away.

Lia: What do you want my strange, furry friend?

Uther: “If we’re asking Frakk, Lexi, Lia, and Midas to be the ones to do these things for us, it’s up to them how they go about it.”

  • Wolf raises one paw to the gate.

Daugstrom: “Agreed. We need more information. Are you willing to go out and get it for us?”

  • Wolf average bark.

Lia: "You want to go inside? Hardly a place for a wolf, but you are not normal… there is something different about you. Maybe mistress Agera will have some insight.

  • Wolf nods.

Lia: Guard, open the gate I am bringing the wolf inside, he’s not dangerous. I need mistress Agera’s input.

  • Wolf two quick excited barks.

Lia: There is something different at work here. But not malicious.

  • Wolf rolls his eyes.

Midas: I go, anything is better than sitting here. I have a score to settle

Lia: mistress agera we have a visitor.
Unknown command: “EMOTE runs up to Midas”. Try /help for a list of commands.

Midas: Rolls a 3 for a total of 12 on his nature check.

  • Wolf runs up to midas.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “I’ll gladly go.”

  • Wolf excited bark

Lia: I want your opinion on this strange wolf I found outside.

Midas: Midas’ eyes widens as he sees the wolf, recognizing it, as though from a dream…

Midas: Hmmmmm

Frakk: “This is insanely dangeours. Charles? What is your opinion on the matter?”

Midas: Do I know you wolf?

  • Wolf hops and barks excitedly.

Midas: Rolls a 10 for a total of 14 on his insight check.

Lia: Hm, interesting, well the wolf seems to recognize Midas.

Charles Hurst: “I think if we are to get information, it would be more efficient to get it out of the enemy, rather than attempt to watch all of the enemy’s movements.”

Midas: remembers the words of the raven queen to Cian, “You will be my hound of hell.”

Midas: Cian?

Wolf: Arf! Arf! Arf!

  • Wolf nods excitedly.

Lia: "Mr. Hurst, I have to say, you have such an appetite to give input on the adventures of others. Taking enemies alive working on limited information as to their strength and movements is very dangerous.

Midas: Cian, you old dog, then it wasnt a dream, Everyone is at rest and you…and that means…Tyril

Frakk: “Lia, I did ask for Hursts’ opinion”

  • Wolf wimpers at the mention of Tyril.

Lia: “Sorry, I must have missed that. But I maintain, it’s foolish to go around working on little information trying to capture people of whose capabilities we have little understanding.”

Lia: Rash mistakes will kill you faster than anything else.

Midas: There is still hope, I had a vision, I saw your conversation, Tyrile had a encounter with Pelor in the same dream, he was sent back too.

  • Wolf perks up at that information.

Parthas: “A vision? Did you see where?”

Agera: “The guards did say that they saw captives being taken.”

Guard: “yes ma’am. To the manor.”

Midas: I saw what happened to my companions after the battle

Midas: In it Cian and Tyrile were sent back. Cian by the Raven Queen, and Tyrile by Pelor.

  • Wolf bleh.

Midas: I awoke before I saw what happened to Ignatius.

Lia: Curious, so you believe the wolf is Cian?

  • Wolf minor angry bark at Lia.

Midas: Well he seems to respond to his name.

Midas: Murmuring himself, then splug is alive too.

Midas: (Murmuring to himself) then splug is alive too.

Parthas: “Splug, the goblin that was traveling with you?”

  • Wolf snorts at Lia and truns back to Midas.

Lia: So maybe our first order of business should be to find Tyrile, and figure out how to change Cian from a wolf to a human, if that’s even possible, and find this Splug you speak of.

Midas: Well in the vision, Tyrile was no longer himself, but his soul was sent to his armor. Just as in the vision Cian was sent down as a hound.

  • Frakk raises his eyebrow at the mention of a dwarf & goblin travelling together
  • Wolf sits down and scratches at his neck with his hind leg.

Midas: I must go back to see for myself. I must see if Tyrile is at the battle, all of you can do as you wish, I owe it to him.

Uther: “If Splug and Tyrile were taken they’d be in one of two places – the Town Square – the cultists seem to be using town hall as a sort of temporary base, or Padraig Manor, which is fortified with walls.”

Lia: I will come with you, if we are careful, we shouldn’t run in to anybody. If a patrol just passed, there shouldn’t be another for a little while.

Parthas: “Still, I’d recomend sneaking rather than other methods of entrance.”

Lia: Naturally

Midas: Well the town sound easier, we can check there first.

  • Wolf barks and nods.

Lia: Yeah, so, are we decided? Our first order of business is to discover the fate of Tyrile.

Lia: Frakk what do you think?

  • Wolf barks excitedly.

Frakk: If Mr Hurst will be safe within these walls, then yes, I will go with you.

Charles Hurst: “I should be well protected here, good luck Frakk.”

Frakk: Thank you sir.

Frakk: Yes, let us go find your Tyril

  • Frakk he says to Midas

Lia: Ok, now we’re getting somewhere.

Fostern Council

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