Hero's Dirge

James: Six heroes rose up against the sorceress assassin Dajani, five fell. The dwarf Midas fled the onlsaught with Cian. He made it to the outer edge of the town square and was not pursued by his enemies. Cian was struck down as he fled. Reaching the headquarters Midas collapsed and was taken into the barracks, where he could recover from his wounds. As this supernatural sleep overwhelmed him, his dreams showed him the fates of his fallen comrades.
James: Cian’s eyes closed as his body hit the ground. Slain by arrows from his enemies during his retreat. His world was enveloped in darkness and his soul traveled through shadow – to the hall of judgement in the realm of the Raven Queen.

She stood before him, her face veiled, and her voice cascading from her raised throne. “Cian. You have served my purposes well, even if you did not know it, but there is still much to do. There is one who seeks my throne as a way to uncover the many mysteries of death. The god of secrets and his elders – the first mages of the mortal realm – seek out my destruction and the destruction of your world. Only death, which they have sought to escape through Arcane trickery, will put a stop to their destruction of the natural order. For this reason I name you my instrument of war, my hound of hell. See to it that you destroy those who would wage war against me. To this, do you have anything to say?”

Wolf: Before my… death… I would never have delt with the likes of you. Even now I am not enamored with the prosepect. (pause) However, to punish those who have murdered me, to stop their rituals, I will accept this power.

Raven Queen: "Good. Now go, with my blessing.

Raven Queen: Then Cian found himself traveling through shadow once more, words of power whispering to him out of the darkness. Once more he opened his eyes to find himself changed, transformed into the form of a wolf, a dark fire of justice and vengeance burning within him.
James: Aldis fell in battle against Dajani, and his soul traveled to the halls of Pelor, where he was greeted by his god. Tyrile fell in battle also, and found himself at the gates of Pelor’s domain as Pelor stood before them, addressing Aldis first.

“Welcome Aldis, my priest. You have lived a life filled with much darkness, but forsook that life to take up another – taking my light to those in need of it. For this, I thank you. I set for you a task, and though it remains incomplete your part in it has been removed from you, I have given your part to others, and require no more of you. You may rest in my halls as one of my exalted. Rest, and enjoy the fruits of your labors.”
Steve: “My Lord, the joy that this brings to my heart is multiplied beyond reason. I praise you for your kind forgiveness, and would ask that you consider my companion here, Tyrile.”

Pelor: “Tyrile and I have much to discuss, but his affairs have been taken into account, and my agreement with him has been honored.”

  • Tyrile smiles at Aldis. “Thank you.”
    Steve: Aldis: Embraces Tryrile and says “I look forward to meeting you and yours within the halls of the sun.”
    Tyrile: “As do I.” “How do I look? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my wife.”
    Steve: “As good as I’ve ever seen you.”
  • Tyrile gives Aldis a big full bodied hug. “Good. These days have been some of my happiest in quite a few years.”
    Steve: I’m glad. Come, let’s go.

Pelor: And so Aldis entered into the halls of Pelor, where he would spend his eternity in Paradise.
James: "Welcome Tyrile, the Black Drake, and watchman against injustice. You have lived your life in war and battle, but have always sought honor even at the price of victory.

You accepted the task I asked of you, on condition for the souls of yourself and your family. This I have done. Your family resides in my halls waiting for you to join them, but your task is not yet done.

Because of our agreement I must send you back to accomplish the prevention of the end of days and your task complete, otherwise I forfeit my claim on the souls of your family and they pass back into shadow. Your soul will remain in the natural world – inhabiting your armor – until it is finished. I may send your soul, but to raise your body is outside of my domain.

Seek out the destruction of the elder servants of the dark god of secrets – for it is they who seek to open the gates between worlds and assemble the life gate which will destroy all things. Go, with my blessing, but ask of me what you will before you depart."
Tyrile: “My Family is here, there is little more for me to ask. However, I will still push my luck, even in death. Could you please look upon Splug and Ignatious as well? If their souls pass this way instead of to the domain of their own gods, please keep them with. Splug and Aldis were friends, and he was a blood traitor, I hate to think what would be done to him if he passes into their gods hands.”
Tyrile: “However, other then that, I gladly go forth, not just as The Black Drake, but as a champion of Pelor.”
Tyrile: “Oh, and tell my beloved our daughter has grown up intoa beautiful and strong woman.”

Pelor: “The fate of Splug is not yet decided. He survived the battle in Fostern, but lies in the clutches of the enemy. His fate is in your hands, and the hands of your allies, if you would see him rescued from evil. As for the Eladrin Ignatius I have not seen, I will seek him out and see what fate he desires. Go now, Tyrile, the Black Drake, Champion of Pelor.”

Pelor: "And I will see your message delivered.
Tyrile: “Thank you.”
James: Once again Tyrile traveled through darkness, awakening in an unfamiliar place, his soul inhabiting an empty suit of armor as though he were a ghost – animating it.
James: Splug too was struck down in battle against Dajani, but he was not destroyed as were the others. He awoke in a dark room, an unfamiliar place, without his weapons or gear, trapped, bound, and helpless.
James: Ignatius awoke in the endless libraries of Sorrowmorn. A place in the shadowfell where his soul awaits his passing on to the beyond. But almost immediately he was pulled back into darkness, and he awoke in a dark room surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

“Welcome brother. Soon we-”

And then Midas’ lungs filled with air and he awoke. By his bedside was the familiar face of Charles Hurst.

Hero's Dirge

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