Knights of the Gate

Tyrile: (I wanna find the guard who we saved and make sure he is still alive)
Tyrile: “So, how goes the search for your papers?”
Frakk: Unfortunately the priest doesn’t have copies of the papers…
Frakk: This is more than likely my father’s doing
Tyrile: “Damn, that’ll slow us down.”

Lia: So ah… we might want to go pick them up eh?

Frakk: yes… but it will likely be a confrontation

Lia: Well, we’re generally pretty good at that.

Lia: “What are the chances of just… stealing them?”

Frakk: aah… well, the keep had been under attack by an orc tribe recently
Cian: Hmm, I like the idea of stealing them.

Frakk: I wouldn;’t even know where they were

Lia: Probably wherever he keeps things he doesn’t want found.
Tyrile: “I call that my fireplace.”

Frakk: augh

Frakk: you know, it’s not even his family’

Frakk: s estate
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Frakk: >

Lia: does he have any weakness? vices? anything we can exploit?

Frakk: >.

Frakk: ah

Frakk: I don’t remember

Frakk: that was… almost 15 years ago

Lia: Well it seems the first step is finding somebody to bribe for information

Lia: Since we have none.

Frakk: yes

Lia: Is there a town associated with the keep?

Frakk: No… there was an orc tribe nearby that they always had problems with.. Fostern is the closest

Lia: so he must do business in fostern, somebody there may have information about what we can exploit.

Frakk: if they’re still alive

Frakk: we should check with the unicorn first

Lia: Well, it’s a start. The tavern owners are alive, I would assume he gets refreshment etc. from the,
the bell at the front door tolls, alerting you to the presence of someone at the gates.

  • Tyrile opens the door.
    Tyrile: “Yes?”
    Frakk whispers: you gonna change the map on the table?

Charles Hurst: “Hi ho!”
Tyrile: “Hello Charles, please, come in.”
Tyrile: “We’re sitting in the dining room talking.”

Charles Hurst: “We need to see about getting you boys some servants.”

Charles Hurst: “I’ll see to it when I’m in town later.”

Charles Hurst: “Anyhow, that’s not why I came by.”

Charles Hurst: “Francis, my boy. Do you have your papers?”
Tyrile: “Please take a seat:”
Tyrile: (and dont ask why im standing on the table

Frakk: Ah, no. Parthus said he couldn’t find them.

Charles Hurst: “Ah. Well then I’m afraid they must be at the Coleman Estate.”

Lia: “Yes we were just discussing that. Trying to find a means to retrieve them.”

Charles Hurst: “Have you thought about just going up and asking? I mean you are heroes, do you think that will give you some reclamation with your father?”

Frakk: Mr Hurst, he tossed me out on the street to you

Frakk: what do you think he’ll do if I show back up?

Charles Hurst: “Hm… By force or trickery then?”

Frakk: Either could be used against us in court

Cian: I vote trickery. Force can always be a backup.

  • Cian grins.

Lia: the two likeliest options, we have been weighing both but leaning toward trickery
Tyrile: “My vote is for trickery, I’d hate to have any innocent blood on my hands, misguided righteousness or sellwswords, still just doing their job.”

Charles Hurst: “Well, I know the Coleman estate. The last I knew your father had some trouble with a raiding tribe of half orcs and hired quite a few defenses afterwards.”

Frakk: yes, i was there ingoc… incog… disguise

Charles Hurst: “If you’re father does have the papers, they’ll probably be in his private study, so relatively unguarded.”

Frakk: there’s another option, we could ask, and if he refuses, challenge him to a duel

Charles Hurst: “That could always work as well. A duel is an honorable notion.”

Lia: “A duel, I doubt he’ll go for it, I don’t know anyone that would actually want to fight Frakk.”

Charles Hurst: “Though there is the chance that your father would hire a swordsman to duel for him.”

Frakk: hahahahahaha

Frakk: that’s the truth

Frakk: he’ll put up a second

Lia: well in that case, what does he stand to gain from it?

Charles Hurst: “Still, if you win it, he’ll have to give over the papers. As technically, they do belong to you, and not to him.”
Tyrile: “I could probably defeat Frakk in a duel, given enough time to prepare. The trick is, dont give them enough time.”

Frakk: destruction of the grenmere family

Charles Hurst: “He may have taken them just to lure you into this very situation.”

Frakk: he’d be the sole inheritor

  • Lia looks at tyrile doubtfully

Lia: Hm, that might do it then… a duel! We could take bets too, use it as a fundraiser, as there is no doubt Frakk will win.

Frakk: Let’s ask first then. He might not even have it, it’s possible someone else took it out, perhaps one of my mother’s relatives, looking for ammunition against Regg

Cian: Regg?
Tyrile: “It’s all about Tactics, First you study the enemy, then you counteract their strength while enhancing your own. Frakk is a master in melee, hes strong but not invincible. Any fight where terrain is dangerous could be used to stop him. If I had to duel Frakk, I’d do so at a cliff or such. Wait for him to charge me, then use his momentum to fling him off the edge.”

Lia: Well we can ask, but what’s to keep him from lying and saying he doesn’t have them?

  • Frakk to Cian, my fathre

Cian: Ah
Tyrile: “Not that I would want to do that, I like Frakk.”

  • Frakk smiles at Tyrile.

Frakk: “Your combat wisdom has saved me more than once”

Lia: My strategy would be to just run and hope I’m faster and a better hider than he a seeker.

Charles Hurst: “We could always challenge him to a battle of champions. You five against five men of your father’s choosing.”

Lia: Oh that sounds like fun!

Cian: An interesting idea.

Frakk: well, we shouldn’t wait any longer. Let’s get it over with

Charles Hurst: “To the Coleman Estate!”
Tyrile: “I dont have that advantage. In life I was old. In death, im not used to moving the armor as I was my flesh. I’m slower then Frakk.”

Lia: Lets go

Knights of the Gate

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