Marshes of Carrik

Cian: Yes, we need to continue on Dijani’s trail.

Frakk: So we’re the Gate Keepers. We’re looking for Dajani?

Lia: Hm, now that sounds like a plan I can get behind.

Lia: Yes because she is trying to open our gates… which we have claimed, and decided to keep.

Tyrile: "Yes. We wanna stop her from opening the gates. And anyone else for that matter.

Midas: Not to mention our score to settle with her
Cian: Agreed.

Lia: Well, if it’s alright Tyrile, Midas and Cian, I’d like to throw in my lot with the group then. Free of charge from here on out.

Lia: Well, except for a share of whatever we finde.

Tyrile: “Duty first, Revenge second.”

  • Lia eyes gleam.
  • Tyrile extends his arm. “Your in.”

Daugstrom: “Oh good, you returned safely. Did you learn anything more of the enemies’ plans or movements?”

  • Cian to Midas, “We weren’t supposed to just kill them?”

Lia: They weren’t really in the mood for talking. Well, neither were we to be honest.

Frakk: Yes & no, we stopped Barthus from performing the ritual, so we know that isn’t going to work.

Lia: For now.

Daugstrom: “I see. Well, that’s good news. You’ve at least put a stop to their attempts to raise an army of undead.”

Daugstrom: “We’ve been taking turns questioning this one under different methods. We’ve been able to ascertain a few things so far.”

Lia: Yes, that particular crisis is averted, however, there seem to be larger concerns at hand, but Tyrile has a better grasp on this than I.

Parthas: “Dajani is using an abandoned temple to a dark god, probably the god of secrets, as a private quarters / headquarters for her most trusted agents. It’s outside of the town, probably about half a day’s walk into the mountains.”

Agera: “We’ve also learned that it’s abandoned, and she isn’t currently there. She’s in the feywild.”

Frakk: What is she doing there?

Daugstrom: “The marshes of Carrik to be precise. She’s raiding the tomb of someone named Dejin.”

  • Lia giggles “You mean to say, she has a secret lair? She’s really into this thing isn’t she?”

Tyrile: “Dajani is at at a tomb of Dejin. Any relation?”

Parthas: “He’s the Eladrin who forged the prison for Karavakos. The key to the prison is buried with him. Anyone who touches it without the key, gets sucked inside.”

Frakk: Can we pursue her into the feywild?

Lia: "The feywild. I’m not sure I know how to get there… we would need a wizard or something right?

Agera: “None. Dejin is an ancient Archmage, an infamous trickster, and an Eladrin. Dajani is a Tiefling.”

Agera: “There is a crossing a few miles to the East. Though it only functions at sunrise.”

Tyrile: “Any ckue, which direction it will be from that point?”

Daugstrom: “None so far.”

Lia: And how long it might take her to locate what she’s looking for?

Parthas: “She might already have it. Apparently she left sometime yesterday with an excavation team.”

Lia: Or if she’s planning on returning here with it?

Tyrile: “Also, I’ve never traveled planes before, will it have a sun to guide us in relation?”

Daugstrom: “It will have a sun yes.”

Parthas: “The planes are similar enough to one another. Just… different. At least the feywild, or shadowfell. The others are different stories entirely.”

Agera: “We’ve been trying to ascertain the location of the marshes of Carrik from this man, but so far have been unsuccessful.”

Tyrile: “So…shes somewhere on another plane of existence, her location there is unknown. Do we know at least if thats the entrance she used so we can wait for her to come back. Cause if she used magic to get there…”

Midas: I’ve seen the portals in my time in the woods. Always gave me the creeps, things in the woods there one moment gone the next

Frakk: We might have a better chance of finding her if we were to find any clues at her secret lair

Frakk: or, we could wait for her there & spring an ambush

Lia: I could try tracking her, if the passage she went through isn’t well traveled, there should be sign left behind.

Tyrile: “Either way, that should be our next stop.”

Agera: “We don’t know if she’s returning. If she can summon the prison to her, she might do so as soon as she has the key, and release Karavakos.”

Lia: I’m umh, pretty good a tracking. It seems we don’t have any time to lose.

Frakk: Ah, I had forgotten that.
Cian: I agree that her lair should be investigated.
Cian: I can also assist with the searching of tracks.

Lia: Yes, but we need to do so quickly, and set out as soon as possible. It’s difficult to track in the dark and we’ve lost a lot of time already.

Frakk: Well, if we take a 6 hour rest, there’ll be time to find her secret lair before dawn, yes?

Frakk: we can’t follow her until then anyway

Parthas: “We think she used the crossing that is nearby. You’d have to wait till sunrise, yes, so there’d be enough time to rest.”

Lia: Ok so rest, then check her little hideout, then hit the passage by sunrise and get moving. Maybe we can get there in time to at least interrupt whatever it is she tries to do.

Frakk: hopefully
Cian: Agreed.

Lia: If not, we’re probably all dead. I suggest those that need sleep go get it.

Midas: Sounds like a plan, I could use a rest, I’m spent.

Parthas: “I suggest you go into the marshes and rest there. If her hideout is abandoned I don’t think you’ll find anything useful.”

Tyrile: “Good, we have a plan of attack….I….I’m not tired….That’s…. odd. It will take some geting used to.”

Lia: I need to meditate myself, I can use the corner of one of your rooms.

Parthas: “Yes, has anyone else here noticed that Tyrile…. is… well.. here? But also in the other room dead?”

Lia: It’s a long story involving pelor and oaths and missions

Cian: Besides, I feel safter with him during a lightning storm in a field.

Tyrile: “Pelor blessed me with life again, should prove at least a little harder to kill me now. Without a body and all.”

Midas: Its been a long day for me visions, killing, dead friends back from the dead….kinda, i need a drink and a dwarven salad

Parthas: “Ah. Well… yes… That’s…. I think I need a rest.”

Cookie: “Comin’ right up!”

Cian: Food and rest appeal to me as well.

  • Cookie takes out the beef, chicken, goat meat, and gravy.

Tyrile: “I’m going to miss eating…”

Cookie: “We’re out of venison. Hope that’s okay.”

Midas: Yeah, at this point I’ll take anything
James: l

Lia: A

Tyrile: M

Marshes of Carrik

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