Origin Story

Tyrile: “Splug, when we are done Lexi is going to take you with her, She’s gonna make sure you have money etcetera to start your new life. She’s going to introduce you to an old friend of mine. I’d trust him with my life. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.”

Splug: “That sounds good to me, so long as I can learn about Pel-or.”

  • Tyrile gives Lexi 100gp. “Just so I dont forget. Make sure part of that is to buy hima Canon of Pelor.”

Splug: “Pelor makes cannons?”

Tyrile: ’’

Lia: “So, umh, who is the leader of your merry band? We have some things to figure out.”

Midas: ’’

Frakk: You’ll want to talk to Hurst

Tyrile: “It’s a holy book.”

Cian: ’’

Frakk: I, and at least the others work for him

Frakk: or did

Lia: I don’t mean the employer, I mean the leader. I want to talk to the leader of the people I will be fighting beside if there is a future for me here. It seems things are progressing quite beyond Mr. Hurst’s realm of experience."

Frakk: ah

Tyrile: “I’ve worked with him quite a few times since my court-martial.”

Splug: “Splug always followed Master Aldis!”

Frakk: not me then
Cian: I just seek opportunities. So far they have been here and with these fine folks.

Tyrile: “Aldis was probably the closest thing we had to a leader. I’m more of a…Tactical Officer.”

Splug: “In goblin tribes the leader is usually selected by death match, and / or whoever the fattest goblin is.”

Lia: “It seems that we are in the middle of something quite big here. Something that is quite outside the realm of typical adventuring. If you are not organized now, it might be time to start thinking in that way.”

Splug: “If you can sit on it, you can lead it!”

Splug: “Splug is going to leave now while you discuss things. I’m going to go say goodbye to Master Aldis.”

Tyrile: “I’ll lead us during battle, but its niether my place nor my expertise to lead us in conversation.”
Cian: Safe travels Splug.

Frakk: ’’ Remaining Hit Points: 55

Frakk: I’m not sure any of us are well suited to conversation

Lia: Tyrile correct me if I am speaking out of turn here, but it seems to me that you have the best idea of the goals here, and what we are up against, given your particular umh, relationship with Pelor.
Cian: I prefer a sharp object as an opening line anyway.

Frakk: After witnessing Tyrile’s combat expertise, I would agree.

Tyrile: “I swore an Oath, I’ll keep us on the righteous path, That’s true.”
Cian: As do I.
Cian: (agree with Frakk)

Lia: Ah, so there is a path! That’s good, that’s a start.

Frakk: Well, the most immediate path is one of trying to stop whomever murdered all the townsfolk

Tyrile: “Good, then among other things, we will need a name for our group. All the best fighting companies have names.”

Lia: I’ve never exactly, worked with anybody before. You know? So this is all new to me but I’ve seen what happens to groups without a strong leader or idea of what they are shooting for. It’s not pretty. I’ve taken some of them apart myself.

Lia: A name is a good idea. Names breed recognition, fear even under the right circumstances. In order for people to know who you are, you have to know who you are first.

Tyrile: “It’ll help to differentiate ourselves from other groups, as well as helping us with a hopefully good reputation.”

Frakk: Our Goal is to prevent these gates from being opened, yes? Perhaps “Gate Keepers” or soemthing similar?
Cian: Order of the Gate?

Lia: Order of the Gate Keepers?

Tyrile: “I like Gate Keepers. It works for me. Gatebreakers or such also works.”
Cian: Bit of a mouthfull Lia.

Frakk: OOTGK sounds like a monkey farted

Lia: haha!

Lia: Gate Keepers seems good to me. After all, Order of the Gate Keepers is only one word more a mouthful than Order of the Gate.

Lia: It’s short, and it describes us pretty well.

Tyrile: “Good, now lets go beat another location from the Cultist.”

Origin Story

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