Rebuilding Fostern

Uther: “Well, you certainly seem to have been busy.”

Agera: “Is it true? Dajani is dead?”

Lia: We killed the bitch.

Daugstrom: “Well, you are to be congratulated.”

Uther: “More than that – you are to be rewarded.”

Lia: “Yeah well, she was bad but there’s more at work here… but we can go ahead and talk about the reward first I guess”.
Tyrile: “I definitely am in favor of payment for deeds done.”

Lia: “Doing deeds costs gold.”

Frakk: Yes. But also meterial… we would like to continue to help Fostern by setting up a base of operations here.

Frakk: bring trade, people, and rebuild it

Tyrile: Guard it

Uther: "Well, first there is the matter of Andred’s Bounty.

Daugstrom: “Yes. His parents offered 2,000 gold for him. It’s your’s.”
hands over a bag of gold pieces almost completely unreluctantly.

Lia: “Thank you”

Parthas: “As for your slaying of Dajani. We have taken up a collection of sorts as a way of saying thank you. Some of us have donated more than others, but everyone gave of what they could.”

  • Lia begins to parcel out the gold evenly amongst everybody.
  • Cian listens to the conversation, but makes no more to join in.
    hands over a second bag containing 5,000 gold pieces.
  • Lia hands 500gp to frakk
  • Lia hands 500gp to midas

Tyrile: “Can I suggest right now that we set aside at least 1 share torwards our plans if not more?”

  • Lia hands 400gp to tyrile
  • Cian speaks up.

Cian: I agree that we will need funds to start the base.

  • Lia hands 400gp to cian.

Uther: “If you’re looking for a headquarters of sorts we have only one building so far that is not in use at all, otherwise something would need to be built.”

Frakk: the old guardhouse?

Charles Hurst: “I’d be willing to help finance whatever construction you might require.”

  • Tyrile Tyrile takes out his handy new pouch and places in his 400 gold pieces and pulls out 40 platinum pieces. “Anyone else need this done?”
  • Lia yes please

Uther: “I was thinking of the Mayor’s Manor. His daughter has expressed an interest in selling it and moving to Ellind.”

Lia: “That could work for now.”

Uther: “At least until we build you a more permanent base of operations.”

Lia: “Yeah”
Frakk: It is defensible

Uther: “There is a second floor, we could re-arrange some things to your desire, and get you some new furniture.”

Lia: Well hopefully we won’t be dealing with any assaults in the near future.

Frakk: you never know

Agera: “Right now the town is pretty decimated. There are goblin tribes near by who might attack if they learned of it.”

Lia: “Oh fun, I could use some target practice. I meant real threats.”

Frakk: What about Splug?

Tyrile: “Charles, do you have a specific architect in mind that I could speak to, for the construction?”

Frakk: People are people, even if they’re green…

Uther: “We’ve sent some correspondance to Ellind in order to recruit more guards for our town watch.”

Charles Hurst: “There’s a guy I use for my houses and such that I could refer you to. Name’s Allardyce. Makes a mighty fine… well, anything really.”

  • Tyrile angles his head torwards Uther. “good. I sent out a request of my own to (insert capital town here since wren forgot it) for some old comrades in arms.”

Tyrile: “Definitely, thank you.”

Uther: “So you guys wish to create some kind of recognized guild?”

Frakk: Yes

Daugstrom: “Well, you’ll need to send an application to the King, and deal with a few other formalities, like writing a charter, and ordinances.”

Lia: Oh my gods, nobody said there would be paperwork,.

Frakk: we hire someone for that

Tyrile: “You seriously….I’ll write it out, I know most the laws.”

Cian: No government can move without paperwork.

Parthas: “That is, if you want to be able to recruit people to your guild, and have it recognized. Otherwise it could be considered a cult, and the King’s men would have to oppose you.”

Frakk: well, we wouldn’t want that

Lia: Well that would be ironic.

Frakk: What we want


Agera: “Well first thing would have to be ’Why does this guild exist?”

Uther: “With a Knightly Order you’d still have to be recognized by the King, but it’s a different process.”

Frakk: or this


Tyrile: “I’m all for a Knightly Order instead, but someone else will need to step up. Ive officially been kicked out of the King’s Army.”

Frakk: Yea… Guild might be better

Charles Hurst: “Establishing a Knightly Order, you’d receive lands and resources for your base of operations.”

Frakk: Francis Gabriel Coleman

Tyrile: ""Thats a mouthful."

Frakk: yes

Charles Hurst: “Son of a noble house, backed by my purse, might be enough to get you recognized if we do some creative re-tellings.”

Lia: You’re… a noble?

Frakk: Yes. Caviar, tea and napkins

Frakk: all that

  • Lia doubles over laughing. HAHAHAHAHA

Frakk: The Coleman’s estate is not too far from here

  • Frakk Frakk gives Lia a frown

Frakk: what? Because I’m green I can’t be important?

Uther: “We can write up a very convincing letter to his majesty. Explain your heroism in saving the town, destroying a cult that would have threatened the nation, I’m sure we can get you a knighthood.”

Midas: * looks confused

Lia: “No, NO not at all”

Frakk: ok good

Frakk: I also wonder if there’s any inheritence in the Grenmere family for me as well

Charles Hurst: “Indeed. And as a Knight, you’d be well suited to form a Knightly Order.”

Lia: "It’s just, you don’t come across as a noble, the way you fight, the way… well everything. You don’t seem liek the tea and caviar type is all.

Charles Hurst: “Just because one can be the tea and caviar type, doesn’t mean they have to like to be.”

Frakk: My father threw me out on the streets once it was apparent I was a half-orc. I don’t have much love for his kind

Tyrile: “So yeah, let me put all the cards on the table. I was officially martialed out of the guard for attempted murder of an officer. As such, we may want to leave my name off of any official documents.”

Frakk: aren’t you dead though?

Charles Hurst: “I’ll see about getting us transport to Amstern and an interview with His Majesty.”

Lia: Lord Frakk makes a good point.

Frakk: An interview with the King?

Lia: Sorry Lord Coleman

  • Frakk GLARE

Charles Hurst: “Indeed. You’ll soon be Sir Frakk.”

Charles Hurst: “Sir Francis Coleman.”

Frakk: Augh…. You know, I never wanted that

Charles Hurst: “It’s all for the cause.”

  • Lia smiles. “Well Frakk we will need to be calling you by your official title for now at least.”

Frakk: and I’m sure my mother would appreciate it.

Uther: “Well, now that that’s settled. Shall we see about getting you moved into the Mayor’s Manor for the time being?”

Frakk: Would they need proof of my parentage?

Daugstrom: “Quite possibly.”

Frakk: We might need to get them from my family’s estate

Frakk: if my father didn’t burn them

Daugstrom: “At least, it couldn’t hurt. You could be awarded a knighthood without being a noble, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have them.”

  • Frakk frakk spits the word ‘father’

Cian: I think it is worth trying to get them.

Cian: It could help in the future too.

Frakk: yes

Parthas: “It is often the duty of the temple to record the dedications and births of children. If your father did burn them, the temple nearest your estate might have copies.”

Cian: Important people are satisfied with proper paperwork.

Frakk: That would probably be here in fostern…

Frakk: and, me being a half-orc, they’ll want definitive proof

Parthas: “Well, I could check the archives in the temple for you if you wish.”

Frakk: I’d appreciate it

Parthas: “It still might not hurt to go to your family’s estate, but I’ll check.”


Agera: “Now, what other matters of business did we have to discuss? I’m anxious to return to my tower, my assistant is sorting through the corpses as we speak.”

Lia: “Do you know when Andred’s family is coming to collect him? We may be able to enlist their backing as well when we petition the King.”

Daugstrom: “I do not. I’ve written them, but they may decide to let him sit in jail for a while to teach him a lesson. If they come for him I’ll let you know.”

Lia: Ok

Frakk: What about you Midas?

Midas: Well, me, im just a son of a Druid who is out looking for his father.

Uther: “There is the business of our current safety. May we rely on you, adventurers to come if the call of battle is sounded? If we are attacked before the guards from Ellind arrive?”

Tyrile: “You can count me in.”

Frakk: Absolutely.

Lia: Of course, but hopefully it will not be too long, we can’t afford to delay too much not knowing how behind we are.

Frakk: The goblin tribes are the only immediate threat? Perhaps we could go out and ttalk to them

Frakk: That is where splug went

Uther: “Well there is much in the wilderness nearby. We usually have attacks from something every fortnight or so.”

Uther: “Usually it’s nothing serious, and the watchmen can deal with it, but with our guard so heavily depleted, it’s good to know that we are protected if the need should arise.”

Lia: “We’ll protect everything until the guard arrives to be sure, can’t have the only town near our future base of operations burning down and all our friends here slain now can we?”

Agera: “And any intelligent tribes in the area may not yet have learned of our condition. We have spread word to the townsfolk that the coast is clear, so many are working on the burial of the dead.”

Parthas: “Which reminds me, I have many records to review for ressurection orders.”

Midas: (im here i just dont have my headset on for a sec)

Agera: “Me as well.”

Lia: Do you require an escort back to your tower Agera?

Agera: “No, thank you. I want the townsfolk to see that there is nothing to be afraid of now.”

Lia: Hm, all the same, it wouldn’t do to have something unfortunate happen.

Agera: “That is true.”

Lia: I will accompany you, we can make an excuse about me picking up something from the tower.

Lia: that way nobody will believe it is because we worry about safety.

Rebuilding Fostern

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