The Old Woman from Scene 24

Splug: Those Kobolds were not like Kobolds I’ve met before.

Cian: No, certainly now.

Cian: *not

Ignatius: Yes they were very odd

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: I suppose that Kobolds don’t normally have red glowing eyes.

Cian: We should be careful moving forward, what we see may not be what it actually is.

Aldis: no…

Aldis: rolls a 16 for a total of 30 on his heal check.

Midas: I’ve got a bad feeling about this place

Ignatius: No, no they do not, these were definitely… enhanced

Aldis: rolls 25 on his nature check.

Midas: Rolls a 4 for a total of 12 on his nature check.

Ignatius: rolls 36 on his Arcana check.

Ignatius: Hm, these runes appear to be linked to dominating magic of some kind, much like the magic used against you midas, in our encounter with the mage we are seeking.

Aldis: someone cut out their tongues…

Midas: Never did like all this arcane stuff…something taking over somethings mind…just wrong

Ignatius: This is… this is madness.

Midas: They were so silent

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “There’s definitely something dark about this place.”

Aldis: hrm

Aldis: we need to be very careful, which goes without saying I suppose

Aldis: should we open experiment #7 door?

Aldis: they’ll likely attack us on sight

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “I imagine it will be a similar experience.”

Ignatius: This person needs to be dealt with, this is just terrible, mages like him, they give us all a bad name. People are already suspicious of us enough without this sort of thing.

Aldis: I’d rather not kill any more tortue victims today

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Should we clean out this place though? If Fostern is above us, I would not want these creatures escaping to the town.”

Cian: Could these victums be saved?

Ignatius: I understand Aldis but is allowing them to live in their current state safe? Or any more merciful?

Cian: Healed from this abomonations?

Cian: If not, it may be best to put them out of their misery.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “If the magic effects their minds as well as their bodies who knows if it could be reversed? And it is not as if Kobolds are a civilized sort even when sane.”

Aldis: I suppose it could be a kind of mercy.

Cian: And, we don’t want their dominated minds to flank us when we meet with the wizard again.

Aldis: What, like splug? Don’t be so harsh to judge those different than you, Tyrildottir

Splug: “Not all uncivilized derserve to be treated as monsters.”

Ignatius: That’s very true Splug.

Aldis: Let’s get this mage first. Then see if there’s anything we can do for his victims

Splug: “Splug will do what his masters command.”

Ignatius: rolls 24 on his Arcana check.

Ignatius: I’ve only ever read about this sort of thing. But as far as I know, this sort of domination poisons the mind. The process is long and difficult but the Mages of the Tower might be willing to take it on as a project, if we could persuade them to see it not only as charity but as research.

Aldis: That’s true. Their oversight is responsible for this

Ignatius: Lack of oversight to be sure.

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “I think I should report this before I go any further.”

Aldis: let’s skip these experiment rooms

Inquisitor Tyrildottir: “Nevermind, I forgot there’s not a way out other than that stone.”

Aldis: Yeah, sorry Inquisitor

Ignatius: I agree, we can deal with them later if we must but I prefer to at least attempt to right the wrongs committed against them.

Constructed Humanoid 4: “You will state your name.”

Midas: Barthus

Ignatius: Barthus

Splug: rolls 21 on his bluff check.

Splug: Barthus

Ignatius: rolls 12 on his bluff check.

Constructed Humanoid 4: “Welcome back sir. Agera waits for you in the hall.”

Ignatius: A door with no need for a number, I expect we might find something significant in here

Cian: Rolls a 1 for a total of 12 on his perception check.

Conditional: Inquisitives kit adds +2 when searching for something specific.

Midas: I see some kinda old woman

Ignatius: Yeah, very old, a crone even.

Old Lady: “What’s this? Who are you?”

Ignatius: Who are you?

Old Lady: “Clearly, you’re an echo.”

Aldis: We are seeking a vampire wizard.

Ignatius: Are you the mistress of this foul den?

Old Lady: “Ah, heroic adventurers.”

Old Lady: “It’s words like ‘foul den’ that give you away.”

Aldis: don’t mind the wizard

Ignatius: Yes well excuse me for being accurate.

Cian: Need to make a living somehow.

Aldis: we’ve encountered some of the experiments, and feared everyone would have had their tongues cut out

Aldis: can you explain this to us?

Midas: What you did to those Kobolds is unnatural.

Old Lady: “I only help to collect the creatures for the Elders. What they do with them afterwards is of no concern to me. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to part with that goblin, eh?”

  • Ignatius mutters under his breath. I still haven’t gotten the hang of how you short lived people talk. Not my fault you take umbridge with expressive language.

Aldis: No. Splug is a person, not a thing to be bargained

Ignatius: Who are these elders?

Old Lady: “Sure, sure. Look. I’m not paid to risk my life and defend secrets, so… if you want to know something, I’m sure I’d be willing to answer if you ask… nicely.”

Aldis: We’re looking for Agera, first.

Ignatius: Well, madame Zhivago, who are the elders? What are they doing?

Old Lady: “Ahem. Nicely.”

Aldis: Please?

Ignatius: Sorry. Madame Mengela. I have no patience for this. If you don’t want to die, tell us everything you know about who you work for.

Old Lady: “Adventurers, always the same. You want me to just spill out everything for nothing? I’m paid to collect these creatures, and these elders will kill me if I betray them and you want me to do it for what, sparing me from your tough guy wizard?”

Old Lady: “Coin, or I leave you to the experiments for food.”

Ignatius: We have this necklace…

Ignatius: I’m sure it would fetch a fair price.

Old Lady: “Hm.. that looks nice.”

Old Lady: “Toss it here.”

Ignatius: Yeah I’m not that stupid.

Ignatius: Quid Pro Quo, you give me something, I give you something.

Old Lady: “Elders are a group of mages, bent on following in Karavakos’ footsteps or some such thing. Agera is one of them, she pretty much leads a lot of lesser mages and gives them orders.”

Old Lady: “Toss it here, and I’ll tell you more.”

  • Ignatius tosses the necklace halfway between midas and the lady.

Midas: -250gp

Cian: Rolls a 2 for a total of 13 on his insight check.

Ignatius: I assume that mages with necklaces in random rooms may have more to offer, but we may not find them without this woman’s information.

Ignatius: Information can save your life more than any necklace.

Old Lady: “Karavakos was some sort of big wig Wizard a few thousand years ago. Bent on dominating the realms, ruling them. He summoned an army of devils that couldn’t be defeated in the prime plane, but when he marched on the Feywild he was beaten back, and the devils captured and imprisoned him for failing them.”

Old Lady: “The elders are searching for that prison. They seek to bring Karavakos back and resume war between the planes. The last I know was Kalarel, Agera’s lover, was trying to open a portal to the Shadowfell to bring forth some demons and help in the search for the prison.”

Old Lady: “He apparently failed. Agera was murderous with rage. She experiments on these creatures with a few of her assistants so as to perfect some kind of army that she can control.”

Old Lady: “She killed a whole bunch of them that day. I had to go out and get some new ones.”

Ignatius: This is bad. This is very, very bad. The planar wars almost destroyed my home, my people barely recovered.

Ignatius: Do you know where we might find this woman, or a mage that works for her?

Old Lady: “Agera?”

  • Old Lady the old woman smiles.

Ignatius: I have a bad feeling about this.

Ignatius: rolls 17 on his perception check.

Midas: Rolls a 9 for a total of 12 on his insight check.

Old Lady: “She’s headmistress of the Jade Tower. She has a few select in the faculty and students that do her bidding as part of her goals for the elders. She hand picks the ones who are interested in… power.”

Cian: Rolls a 3 for a total of 14 on his insight check.

Midas: Wait…but the head mistress, sent us in here.

Old Lady: “And did she give you a way out?”

Cian: Surely to see us die at the hands of these experiments then.

Ignatius: She, supposedly gave us a way out.

Aldis: Which… will likely kill us

Aldis: rolls a 6 for a total of 18 on his Insight check.

Ignatius: rolls 30 on his Arcana check.

Old Lady: “Bloody! That’s a calling stone. You idiot. She’s been listening to us all this entire time.”

Old Lady: “She probably has the matching stone up in her study…. Well… I guess it was time to call it quits anyway…. but… maybe I can make it up to her…”

  • Ignatius whispers into the stone… we’re coming for you bitch.

Midas: (Midas pulls out his weapon) Here we go

  • Ignatius Puts on his Wizard hat and robe.

The Old Woman from Scene 24

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