World History

1,500 Years Ago (Year 1 by New World Reckoning).

1. The new world was discovered by sailors. Three races were already populating this world. The Shifters, the Minotaurs, and the Wilden, as well as a host of monstrous creatures that had been lost to the lore of the Old World.

5. Colonies are established along the Eastern shore line. The first being the city of Amstern.

100. The towns build and expand until they become cities. City states emerge in a variety of areas.

260. Pilgrimages into the center of the new world stop, the woods and the mountains seem not to return their adventurers. The colonies decide to focus on the hospitable lands of the new world rather than on the wilderness, and form a pact to that effect.

1,000 Years Ago:

510. Several of the city states band together under the rule of one general. He attempts to unite the cities, and succeeds in part, founding the country of Amstern.

512. An Eladrin by the name of Ithalion bands together the fae who have come to the new world, and together they form the country of Avalogne.

600. A general by the name of Kinra founds the nation of Arachba to the South.

612. A dragon by the name of Jormun is elected by several city states to become King and protector of their new-found nation – Draconis.

500 Years Ago to Current Year:

1292. The last ship from the Old World arrives in Draconis on a day of Solar eclipse.

1293. The first ship bound for the Old World returns, losing their way during their voyage. This occurs for each new ship that sets out for the Old World. All communication has been shut off.

1346. Avalogne wages war against Draconis, accusing King Jormun of plotting the kidnapping of King Ithalion’s heir, beginning the War of Tears.

1446. The War of Tears ends with the death of King Jormun. A Dragonborn King by the name of Adar is elected to take his place and a ceasefire is signed by the two kings at the Table of Fire.

1498. Dagober II becomes King of Amstern after the natural death of his father.

Current Year: 1540

World History

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